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WINTR-ize Your Ride

WINTR-ize Your Ride

WINTR is Coming

No, not the popular books/TV Show, the new Windwrap fairing system from T-Cycle. Earlier this month, T-Cycle released the re-engineered and revamped replacement for the OnePoint Mount. WINTR stands for "Weather-Inhibiting-N-Travel-Ready" because it will not only extend your riding season, but it's a breeze to remove from your bike or trike for travel or transport. This new mounting system replaces the old hardware-store-style hose clamps with precision CNC'd aluminum frame clamps that come in a wide range of diameters. Even teardrop clamps for Bacchetta frames and square clamps for Greenspeeds and Terratrike Rovers. You can check out the new WINTR Fairing Kit on our website and even watch some videos about it.

With the recent release of our new fairing system and the changing of the weather bringing about fairing season, it seems like a good time to refresh everyone on ideal fairing installation and positioning. 

One of the biggest contributing factors leading to warranty claims is the misuse of Fairing Mount Rubber Expanding Nuts. These nuts provide road vibration isolation to prevent premature wear and tear on your fairing. Incorrect installation can actually drastically shorten the life of your fairing. Check out the images below against your fairing to be sure that everything is perfect.


Another simple but vital adjustment is the bend of your fairing bubble. We find that many riders are riding around out there with too much bend in their bubble. The easiest way to find a good bubble shape is to imitate the shape the fairing takes when you lay it on a flat surface. Because the fairing has already been blown into a bubble shape, you want to use that shape rather than fighting it. The job of the mounting hardware is to hold the bubble, not coerce the fairing into new and bendier shapes.

If you have a Windwrap fairing on your bike or trike and you aren't sure if your adjustment is right, feel free to reach out to us. If you send us some photos, we can give you some tips.