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T-Newsletter #22, 2024

T-Newsletter #22, 2024

 Welcome to the first T-Cycle Newsletter of 2024! Boy, time has flown by, hasn't it?Rest assured, we're still local folks, working hard, and dedicating ourselves to making the best parts for your recumbent that you can find.

Now that Spring is springing, you may have already heard that our new SPRING Mini Fairing has sprung!  Formerly known as the XT Mini Fairing, we've re-engineered and re-launched it as the SPRING Mini Fairing. Featuring elements debuted on the Bent Rider Online 2018 Recumbent Accessory of the Year, the T-Cycle WINTR Fairing Kit, the SPRING Mini Fairing is easier to install and use than ever before. With April Showers doing their darnedest to bring some May Flowers, the SPRING Mini Fairing is just what you need to keep your feet warm and dry when you break out of your wintertime hibernation mode and get back out onto the roads.


Speaking of stuff that will make riding your bike or trike easier, let's talk about a few of our favorite accessory mounts to organize your cockpit and keep the essentials close at hand.


1. Cockpit Mini-TA long time favorite is perfect for mounting a mirror and providing a place to mount a cycle computer or other accessory. The Mini-T plugs in and clamps onto the end of your handlebar and lets you mount an endless array of accessories. Check out JaYoe's feature review video HERE.

2. Bar End Shifter Mount: Wish you could use the bar end to mount a mirror or other accessory, but your trike or bike has bar end shifters? This mount allows you to clamp just below the bar end shifter by having a cutout for the shift cable to pass through. Customers can finally mount the industry favorite Mountain Mirrycle Mirror on their bike with bar end shifters or mount their phone or GPS.

 3. Bar End Shifter Micro Mount: A fantastic mount for the rider who doesn't want to sacrifice the aesthetic of their Catrike 700, ICE VTX, or other svelte road trike. This little gizmo mounts directly into a bar end shifter to add either 15mm or 30mm of mounting space to keep your cycle computer in the cockpit where you can see it, while still maintaining the clean lines of the bike or trike. This mount can also be a fantastic place for eBike riders who are looking for a place to mount the throttle on their after-market eBike kit.

4. Handlebar Accessory Mount: This mount adds an option that can be mounted lower down the handlebars, creating an excellent spot to mount a Mountain Mirrycle, or create place to mount some Catrike wrist wrests on an older Catrike or other trike that doesn't  provide wrist rests. Available in both a straight 4 inch tube and a 90 degree elbow.

5. Cockpit MountJust as handy as the Bar End Shifter Mount, this mount can be mounted to any 7/8in tubing. We have a configuration for both vertical and horizontal mounts. Typically mounted just below the grips, but can be mounted anywhere that it fits, this mount is a great option for the rider who wants to mount larger phones, or just get their mirrors farther out from the trike for increased field of vision. Of course, this is also a dream come true for installing the controls for an electric assist system!

 6. Multi-Purpose Accessory MountThis mount can be used on just about every bike or trike, recumbent or conventional. It creates a location ahead of the bottom bracket to reduce shadows cast by the rider's feet. Some riders like to have their cycle computer or GPS mounted front and center, so that they don't have to take their eyes off of the road to check their stats. Available with various sized clamps for round tubing, or even with 90 degree adapters to utilize bottle cage bosses.  The possibilities are endless.