Chain Idlers

A quality idler system is a key component in managing a long chainline, and nobody knows more about long chainlines than riders of recumbent bikes. At T-Cycle, we believe in a good balance of quality in all aspects of a drivetrain, from crank to cogset. Chaintubes and non-metal idlers waste your energy with inefficient rubbing and pliability. As industry leaders, we outfit all our idlers with durable, machined metal cores. Our bearings are unmatched and cogs are revolutionary, setting the standard for what top-of-the-line chain management looks like. Maybe that's why our parts come included on cycles sold by Catrike, Carbent, Lightfoot, Zockra and others. Maybe it's time for you to try one out yourself.
Chain Idlers
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Sport Return Idler
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Elite Return Idler
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