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The T-Cycle Mission

For us, it's simple: we want to make parts for recumbent cycles that considerably improve the riding experience. Every day, the T-Cycle Team shows up and uses their hands, hearts and minds to create those parts. We know we’re doing well when Tom Caldwell writes us and says: "Great work, great product, great company—I love doing business with professionals!" When a customer comes back to the shop just to see what new add-ons we've created for our accessory mounts, when a team of college kids asks for our idlers on their human powered vehicle, or when a couple comes by to show off the new ways they've figured out to use their cockpit mounts, then we know we're doing it right.

With our website, we hope to create a library of information on recumbent cycling and the technologies that empower those who ride. Over the years, we've demonstrated our dedication to making the perfect part, which requires knowing just about all there is to know about recumbent cycling. If you haven't had the chance to try us out, we recommend it. Otherwise, let this site be a place for you to come to learn about that wheeled craft you've been riding around. Who knows, you might realize you need something after all.

T-Newsletter #22, 2019

T-Newsletter #22, 2019

Now that Spring is springing, you may have already heard that our new SPRING Mini Fairing has sprung! Formerly known as the XT Mini Fairing, we've re-engineered and re-launched it as the SPRING Mini Fairing. Featuring elements debuted on the Bent Rider Online 2018 Recumbent Accessory of the Year, the T-Cycle WINTR Fairing Kit, the SPRING Mini Fairing is easier to install and use than ever before. With April Showers doing their darnedest to bring some May Flowers, the SPRING Mini Fairing is just what you need to keep your feet warm and dry when you break out of your wintertime hibernation mode and get back out onto the roads.
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WINTR-ize Your Ride

WINTR-ize Your Ride

With the recent release of our new fairing system and the changing of the weather bringing about fairing season, it seems like a good time to refresh everyone on ideal fairing installation and positioning. 
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How Do I Get Myself Websituated?

How Do I Get Myself Websituated?

This new site is undeniably fancier than our last site.  With bells and whistles come questions about which end is for blowing and which end is for hitting.  Here are the most common questions we've come across in dealing with our website.
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