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How Do I Get Myself Websituated?

How Do I Get Myself Websituated?

This new site is undeniably fancier than our last site.  With bells and whistles come questions about which end is for blowing and which end is for hitting.  Here are the most common questions we've come across in dealing with our website.

1.  How do I get one of them discount codes?

  • We're a small company and do offer discount codes from time to time, but only for special events.  Like, for instance, the launch of our new website (go ahead and use NEWRIDE at checkout for 10% off your first purchase).
  • If you haven't heard of a discount code, then there likely isn't one available; we try to holler as loudly as we can when we have one available.
  • If you miss out on a discount code, then sorry.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to know when we're offering special deals!
2.  Can I use PayPal?
    • Totally.  When you reach the "Payment Method" section of checkout, you have two choices "Credit Card" or "PayPal."  If you select PayPal, then click the Complete Order button below to be taken to PayPal's secure checkout.  You will be automatically returned to T-Cycle when the payment is finished.

    • NOTE: You can pay with a credit card using PayPal's checkout if you prefer.

    3.  Do I have to use PayPal?
      • Nope.  When you reach the "Payment Method" section of checkout, you have two choices "Credit Card" or "PayPal."  If you select Credit Card, then just enter your information and click the Complete Button order!

      4.  How do I find things when your categories are so cluttered?
        • Many of our product categories contain a bunch of different parts.  You can sort through these parts by clicking the dropdown menu beside the words "Filter by."  You can also sort the products using the dropdown menu beside the words "Sort by."

        5.  Why do the prices change when I change product options?
          • Some of the options on products are add-ons (e.g. adding a bladder to a 4.0 Bag).  Some of the options are more difficult or time-consuming versions of the base product (e.g. the larger Double-Ended Cockpit Clamps).  Sometimes a product is indicative of a brand, so the options are determining the final product (e.g. some idler kits ask for model or setup).  Rest assured, that a lot of thought and work went into determining the prices you're being shown.

          6.  Why do the product images jiggle when I move my mouse over them?
            • Well, this is a problem.  Sadly, it's a simpler problem to explain than to solve.  Our new website allows for mouse-over zooming on images, which can be really cool.  Up until now, unfortunately, we've been tethered to platforms that required us to have very specific (and oftentimes small) images.  If a product picture moves when you roll your mouse across it, then that's because that picture is JUUUUUUUST too small to actually zoom in.  Hopefully we'll have time to replace those pictures with higher-resolution images, but that just takes time.