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Chain Idler Kits

T-Cycle is by far the world's most expert source on recumbent chainline management. It is a lot of what we do, and what we think about day in and day out. Years have been spent developing T-Cycle idlers, clamps and mounts to make your ride run smoothly and efficiently. Each part is made here in Portland, Oregon in our own machine shop with complete dedication to detail and quality. T-Cycle idlers are quiet, smooth, and durable—big differences that you'll feel on your very first ride, and appreciate more and more as the miles add up!
Chain Idler Kits


Product type
Bacchetta Idler Kit 15 reviews
From $71.00
Burley Idler Kit 9 reviews
From $104.00
Catrike Dual Idler Kit 7 reviews
From $145.00
Sold Out
Sold Out
Easy Racers Return Idler Kit 29 reviews
From $71.00
Greenspeed Dual Idler Kit 11 reviews
From $131.00
Haluzak Over/Under Idler Kit 4 reviews
From $88.00
HP Velotechnik Idler Kit 14 reviews
From $90.00
ICE Dual Idler Kit 10 reviews
From $133.00
ICE Power Idler Kit 4 reviews
From $95.00
Lightning P-38 Idler Kit 3 reviews
From $164.00
Lightning Phantom Idler Kit 2 reviews
From $164.00
Longbikes Slipstream Idler Kit 3 reviews
From $136.00
Metaphysics Idler Kit 1 review
From $109.00
Multi-Purpose Idler Kit 8 reviews
From $164.00
Pelso Idler Kit 4 reviews
From $88.00
58 results