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The Greenspeed Dual Idler Kit is here to eliminate those lengthy chaintubes. A T-Cycle Power and Return idler are paired using a Clamp-On Single-Sided Chain Keeper to allow the idlers to float side by side as you change gears and conquer mighty terrains. Since the chains do pass so close to the bike by the steering linkage and cruciform tube, you might need a small chaintube there to prevent contact (we recommend a pair of Floating Chaintube Holders, but only because they're super high quality and easy to install).

Note: On pre-2008 trikes, the idler shaft is 10mm. On 2008 and later trikes, the idler shaft is 8mm. Elite level idlers for 10mm shafts come with ABEC rated 10mm steel bearings. Elite level idlers for 8mm shafts come with 8mm hybrid ceramic bearings.