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Catrike Return Idler Completer Kit

10 reviews
SKU: IDK147.1

The Catrike Return Idler Kit Add-On is for Catrikes that already have a T-Cycle Power Idler. It's known around the shop as the "Completer Kit," because most Catrikes come stock with a T-Cycle Power Idler and this add-on is all they need to optimize the chainline. This kit comes with a Sport or Elite Return Idler, a longer stainless steel bolt and a Stainless Steel Chain Keeper. Just like the Catrike Dual Idler Kit, the result is a chainline optimized by top of the line T-Cycle parts. Also like the Dual Idler Kit, the Return Idler Kit Add-On now comes with a Floating Chaintube Holder.

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William A.
United States

5 Star customer service & product quality

I installed a "Completer Kit" chain idler on my Catrike Villager. I had a couple questions, so Aaron looked at my pictures and gave his recommendation. He was exceptionally responsive by email. In my case, I was able to eliminate my chain tubes, and am thrilled with how smooth and quiet my chain line is now. Refreshingly pleasant business to deal with, worth every penny!

Douglas V.
United States United States

Get This Kit

As a retired aircraft mechanic, the install was simple. For Catriwith limited mechanical ability It's absolutely easy to follow the included instructions. My 14 y/o Catrike Expedition, didn't come stock with a return idler. So for years I did various add-ons to eliminate chain noise and chain play. This kit did everything I expected and more. Because the chain stability is "Iffy" with such a long chain. My rear derailleur now shifts reliably (unexpected) and the chain tube is actually very quiet on the middle chain ring especially. That said, even on the tall chain ring, the noise is still much quieter than before. my one issue although not a deal breaker at all is prior to making my purchase I spoke with Aaron and we agreed that I only needed the idler as I already had new chain tubes, purchased through T-Cycle. Instead I was charged for and received the extra parts which I do not need. Again not a deal breaker, I'll find someone who needs these and recoup some of my money.

David C.
United States United States

Smooth chain line

Used this kit and the return idler on my Catrike Road with good success.

T-Cycle Catrike Return Idler Completer Kit Review
Kevin M.
United States United States

Easy Install

The addition of the idler defiantly quieted things. The floating chain tube, although a little confusing, makes sense once it’s in your hands.

Pixie R.
United States United States

Works on a Pocket

My friend installed the idler complete kit for me. I never would have been able to do it myself even though others have written about how easy it is. After it was installed, my friend realized the tube needed to be switched from the bottom to the top. A little extra work and frustration for him but it worked in the end. Makes it easier to clean the chain w/o the excess tubes and makes the ride quieter.