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Windwrap Fairings

Visit our Windwrap Fairing Fit Chart to find the right fairing for you!

Windwrap Fairings are here to transform your riding experience. Known for their durability and simple functionality, Windwrap Fairings add speed, weather protection, and superior optical clarity to your ride. Because we make every part of the fairing, from mount to bubble, right here in our shop, we can afford to manufacture the best hardware in the industry. All of our mounts feature vibration isolation at all mounting points for an undeniably quiet ride. T-Cycle's Windwrap line of fairings has size, shape and mounting selections that are unmatched in the recumbent cycling universe. If you have questions about fairings, be sure to check out our Fairings FAQ for all sorts of useful information. What's perfect for one bike may not work on another, but when you find that perfect fairing, you'll never go back.

Windwrap Fairings


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Fairing Cover
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