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This is only the mounting hardware, the fairing is sold separately.

The WRNS Long Wheelbase Mount is the the brother of the WRNS Long Wheelbase Fairing (check out the complete kit here). The hardware mounts with stainless steel lower mounting arms, (optional Minoura clamps available for forks without fairing bosses) and lightweight Multi-Purpose Clamps that attaches to your handlebars. Vibrations are isolated at the top and bottom to make your ride smoother and view clearer. The mount comes with everything you need to start mounting right away!


  • This kit fits 'T' handlabars where there is a central mast that comes up with the handlebars mounted to the end of the mast. Many RANS, Lightfoot, Burley, etc. use this type of mast and handlebar.
  • This is as opposed to 'Chopper Style' or 'U' handlebars, where the handlebars are in a big U shape. Many Easy Racers, and some RANS bikes have chopper style handlebars.
  • Mounting block for upper fairing mount has cable tunnels for cables coming down the handlebar mast
  • Mounting block for upper fairing mount includes shims to fit all known handlebar mast sizes.