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This is only the fairing, the mounting hardware is sold separately.

As with any Windwrap fairing, the SPRING Mini Fairing is a game changer. Once you strap this minimalist piece of engineering genius onto your cycle, your feet won't know what happened to them. Behind the clear protective bubble, your all-important peddlers will be nearly immune to the weather outside. The SPRING is also amazingly easy to put on and take off. Wrap it in a Fairing Cover, take it with you in the car, pop it on your cycle with ease, ride to that extra beautiful sunset, and then find yourself still able to stand and walk around, since your feet aren't numb, damp and cold. And then send us a picture. We love pictures.


1. Will the SPRING Fairing fit my trike?

Almost certainly yes. As long as your feet are the first thing out front, the SPRING should work to cover them. How you mount it will determine how nicely it fits. We make a nice mounting kit with lots of adjustment so you can dial things in exactly, if you prefer a complete solution.

2. How easy is it to install?

Our SPRING mount makes it easy.

3. How much faster will I be?

That depends very much on what the fairing is attached to and how it is set up, so there's no ready answer. The SPRING is a small fairing, so it's aero effects aren't as big as the larger fairings. Some people get noticeable improvements, and some find they can't tell. Some find they don't notice much of an effect until they're going into a headwind.

4. How much will it keep the wind and rain off me?

Your feet will be well protected. Your lower legs will get some protection, depending on the weather and how you have things adjusted. In general, your feet will be a lot drier, and in the winter, a lot more comfortable.

5. How easy is it to get it in my car?

On our mount, the fairing itself removes in about 30 seconds. You can then roll it up into a much smaller package. We make fleece covers for this, with drawstrings and elastic edges, but you can use a blanket or a large towel as well.

6. How long does a fairing last?

A long time. We make our fairings from Lexan brand polycarbonate. Lexan is super tough and can take a lot of abuse. Things like cracking are not a problem. It does scuff, but we include a polish kit to help you keep it looking new.


  • On most bikes and trikes, this fairing covers from over the top of your feet to just below the bottom of your pedal stroke.
  • The SPRING Fairing is designed for full coverage around the cranks. Actual dimensions are:
    • Width: 18in (46cm)
    • Height (typical adjust): 19in (48cm)
    • Depth (curve depth): 7.5in (19cm)
    • Length: 22in (56cm)
  • Width, length, and depth dimensions do not change depending on how you have the fairing mounted and adjusted. The effective height varies with the angle adjustment.
  • The SPRING fairing fits a wide variety of bikes and trikes- every tadpole trike, and most bikes with the cranks ahead of the front wheel.