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They're back! The original style flags in super high vis colors! Traumvelo ("DreamVelo") in Germany licensed Purple Sky flags in Europe several years ago. They make the original style flags with solid colors and large reflective panels. They've done several upgrades, like using custom made super bright fluorescent material and laser cutting the windows for the reflective material to show through. They use the same high brightness ribbon on the spine, brass grommets, the works. The flags are sewn in the EU. We import the flags and combine them with Purple Sky poles and high vis tassels. (Our poles and tassels are basically identical) Traumvelo makes many different sizes and colors. We are starting off importing their two most popular colors in the most popular size. If you are looking for the most visible, serious, super durable flag, this is it!


1. Why these flags?

These flags are super bright, they are the two brightest fluorescent colors available. Plus, they have large amounts of reflective in an attractive, attention getting pattern. If you are going for visibility, these are the flags you're looking for.

2. Are there more than two colors?

Traumvelo makes lots of different colors, styles, and sizes of flags. We only import the two most popular ones, their brightest and most visible. If you are interested in their other flags, you can check out the Traumvelo Flags website.

3. What's the difference between these and the current Purple Sky Flags?

These flags are the original Purple Sky design. They are shorter, made of a single color material, and the backward point of the triangle shape is on the bottom instead of near the top. The different shape waves differently; these flags flap more and are slightly less aero for it. Both types of flags have the same reflective spine and the same 1/4 inch black poles. These flags have true fluorescent colors, which are brighter under many conditions but are subject to some sun fading. The made in USA newer Purple Sky flags are printed digitally, so you have a wider range of designs and colors. The printing process can do bright colors but not true fluorescent colors. The chemistry of the printing process is much more UV resistant than is possible with fluorescent colors.


  • Hi vis white reflective on the spine and in 4 places on each side. Two tassel grommets; one high vis tassel included. 70 inch (1.8m) two piece pole. Flag is made in the EU, pole assembly is made in USA.
  • Length: 58cm (22.8in) Width: 21cm (8.25in) 
  • 70 inch (1.8m) 2 piece pole. The bottom part of the bottom pole is available in either 1/4 inch or 6mm OD. Many flagpole holders are the slightly smaller 6mm size.
  • Flags come preassembled on pole. All you have to do is plug the bottom part of the pole into the top part of the pole and put the flag onto your bike or trike. In many cases, you can simply insert the flagpole into the top of the seat tube. In other cases, you may need a flag mount. We are testing new flag mounts now, but they aren't ready yet.