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Finally! A high quality flag mount that you can use almost anywhere! It took a while to perfect, but here it is: a nicely made, very versatile, good looking flag mount that you can put almost anywhere. And it has an adjustable rubber gripper ring that you can set anywhere from "easy in and out" to "absolutely can't even pull it out." Machined from a solid block of aluminum, these mounts are super strong. Twin adjuster slots let you dial in the perfect flag angle. Attaches using two T-Cycle modified Cateye clamps, so you can attach to almost anything round, like chainstays, seatstays, back of seat tubes, racks, etc. Available in both 6mm and 1/4 inch versions, so you can use them with any standard flag. Works great when you want to run twin flags too, the mounting freedom means you can always find two matching locations for a cool twin look.


1. What makes this unique?

The combination of quality, versatility, and the pole gripping feature make this mount unique. These mounts attach more places and have an adjustable pole gripping mechanism that keeps your flag from inadvertently flying out. These are not an afterthought item, they are designed from the ground up for daily use in places where they need to look good and work reliably.

2. Aren't there other flag mounts?

Yes, there are other flag mounts. There are a couple decent ones, but they are special purpose and don't have the pole gripping feature. The most commonly available flag mounts are cheap stamped things designed to be given away with kids bikes. There really isn't anything else designed to fit lots of places on lots of different kinds of bikes and trikes.

3. Where can I attach it?

Almost anywhere. The angle adjustment lets you get a good flagpole angle on almost any tube from horizontal to 90 degrees up (70 degrees on tubes 1-1/8in and larger). You can use it on chainstays, seatstays, racks, backs of seats, trailers, all kinds of places. The flag mount itself is attached using a pair of Cateye brand clamps. Cateye clamps are super strong and available in sizes to fit tubes from 1/2 inch (12mm) up to 1-1/4 inch (31.8mm). This covers pretty much all the sizes of tubes you might want to attach to. If you want to attach to a rack with smaller tubing, we have shims to go from 1/4 or 3/8 inch up to 1 inch, ask for details. It's also possible to attach the mount to other places. If you're handy, you could easily attach it to the back of a carbon fiber seat, or the side of a cargo box, a mobility scooter, etc.

4. Will the flag fall out?

Not very likely, particularly if you adjust the gripper to max grip. The gripper is a neoprene ring that grips the pole when you slide it in. Since it's rubber, it holds on through bumps and potholes and even a good tree whacking. The low setting gives a nice grip, but you can still push the flag in and pull it out. The strength goes up from there. With it all the way tight, you could lift your trike with the flagpole.


We recommend the flagpole be mounted near the back of the seat and at a slight rearward angle (not quite vertical). This brings the flag further forward, so it's more visible when you enter intersections. It also ensures the flag doesn't hang back too far, making it easier to park and walk around. Typical places are a chainstay, a seatstay, or a tube on the back of the seat itself. Measure the approximate size of the tube and order your mount accordingly. If you don't know the size, and need help measuring your bike, we have a handy printable tube sizing tool.

Depending on the angle of the tube you're attaching to, the Cateye clamps can either face the same or opposite sides. At low angles, the open (bolt) sides can both be up or both be down. At steeper angles, one clamp may need to have it's open (bolt) side on the top of the tube, and the other clamp on the bottom side of the tube. The flag mount is designed to work either way, with the orientation of the clamps extending the angle range.

Once you've determined the best arrangement of the clamps, insert the bolts and start them into the clamps. Fine tune the angle of the clamp, then tighten the clamp bolts.

To adjust the pole gripper, start out with the button head bolt just barely loose. Insert and remove the flagpole and see how it feels. Insertion will be easier if there is a slight bevel on the end of the pole. Twisting the pole as you insert it makes it easier as well. If you want more grip, tighten the bolt. When it's all the way tight, the stainless washer will clamp directly to the pole, really gripping it.


  • Machined from a single piece of aluminum. Anodized black with the flagpole size (6mm or 1/4 inch) engraved near the top end. Angle adjustment range designed for mounting to tubes anywhere from horizontal to completely vertical (max 70 degrees for tubes 1-1/8in (28.6mm) or larger). Seatstays are probably the steepest tubes on a recumbent and they are usually less than 70 degrees- and smaller than 1-1/8 inches.
  • Grip strength adjustable from easy in/out to can't be pulled out at all. When the bolt is tightened all the way, the stainless washer contacts the flagpole and grips so firmly you can lift your bike or trike by the flagpole.
  • Two modified Cateye brand clamps included, specify the tube size you want to attach to and we will provide the right size clamps. We modify the Cateye clamps by adding a black anodized bushing to make a firm surface for the mount to press against with clearance past the edge of the tube.
  • Machined from 6061T6. Stainless fasteners with Neoprene gripper ring. Clamps are modified Cateye brand clamps, the best in the business for strength and range of sizes. Mounts are made in two sizes, 6mm and 1/4 inch, to fit basically any bike flag pole. When fully tightened, the stainless washer in the gripper mechanism directly contacts the flagpole, making it a solid mechanical grip in addition to the compliant rubber grip.
  • It is also possible to directly attach this mount, for instance to the back of a carbon fiber seat or the side of a cargo box. In that case, the Cateye clamps are not required.
  • We designed this flagpole mount to go almost anywhere. It is designed to attach to any tube from 1/2 inch (12mm) to 1-1/4 inch (31.8mm). It can also be attached directly to a flattish surface like a carbon fiber seat or the side of a cargo box.