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The Tab Mount For Euro Style Lights connects onto your Accessory Mount to provide the tab-type mount needed for many European cycle lights. The super-sturdy construction means you don't have to worry about fatiguing or breaking. The tab is able to move independently of the Accessory Mount to adjust the angle of your light just how you want it. Note that what is included here is only the add on tab for European lights, not the entire Accessory Mount.


1.  What does this do?

This tab attaches to the side of your Accessory Mount and creates a place to attach a Euro style tab mounted light.

2. Can I use it other places?

Yes, it can be used other places. We make it to fit perfectly to our Accessory Mount, but it can be used other places. It works with our Long Wheelbase Accessory Mount as well, for instance.

3. What is included?

The tab and a longer bolt to replace the existing bolt in your Accessory Mount.


  • The Euro Tab Mount can be added to the Accessory Mount for Long Wheelbases, and it's also possible to put one on both sides of your Multi-Purpose Accessory Mount, depending on the width of the lights and how you swivel the tabs. If you want to put one on each side of an Accessory Mount, please let us know and we'll include a longer bolt for the short bolt side (12mm instead of 8mm).
  • Made from 6061T6 aluminum, 1/8 inch thick. 5.1mm diameter holes. Center to center distance between the holes is 25mm.
  • Disassemble your Accessory Mount, add the tab onto the end, and reassemble with the longer bolt. Install and adjust as usual.