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Upgrade your whole Screamer chainline with the RANS Screamer Front + Rear Idler Kit from T-Cycle and say what everyone says when they do: "Wow!" In the front, there's a Power Idler with a Clamp-On Idler Mount that lets you mount the idler where you want it for the perfect chainline. In the rear, lightweight, super stiff mounting hardware support a Power and a Return idler to noticeably improve power and efficiency. Your chainline will be so smooth and quiet and hassle free that you'll start looking forward to those long hills!

This is the kit that RANS uses stock!


1. I've heard about this. What's the big deal?

The Screamer is a great bike, but there are some things about the chainline that could use improvement. This kit replaces the entire idler and idler mounting setup with completely re-engineered high, performance replacements. The mount for the front timing chain is super adjustable, so you can dial in your chainline exactly. It's also reliable and fiddle free—no more derailments! The rear idler mounting system completely corrects the sponginess in the stock mount, which dramatically improves pedaling efficiency. The effects are immediately noticeable.

2. It seems pretty expensive for some idlers!

There are 3 very nice idlers as part of this kit, but the kit is way more than just idlers. The new mounting hardware is a no-holds-barred rethink of how to best do the chainline. The cost reflects the level of quality and the year after year performance you'll get from this kit.

3. My stock timing chain idler setup keeps derailing. Can I get just the front part of the kit?

We feel very strongly that both parts of the kit contribute significant improvements to your chainline. While you may be ready to get rid of your existing timing chain idler and mount, your present rear idler system is secretly robbing power from every pedal stroke. You'll love the set-and-forget nature of the new timing chain idler mount, but the real "WHOA!" comes in when you realize how the bike feels with the upgraded rear idler system. We are sure you'll be able to tell the difference.


  • Much more than just top of the line idlers, this idler kit completely replaces all the idler mounting hardware for big gains in pedaling efficiency and reliability.
  • The front timing chain idler mount clamps to the main tube so you can position it precisely for the ideal chainline. Easily and efficiently clear V-Brakes, fenders, and your fork, no matter what chainrings you have. It's easy to set up, and once you do, you won't ever have to fiddle with it again. 
  • The rear idler mount replaces the one sided stock mount with a much stiffer two sided mount. Instead of an aluminum bushing carried by a 5mm bolt going to a single support plate on one side, the new hardware has stainless steel bushings carried by 6mm bolts supported from both sides. The difference in stiffness against pedaling loads is significant. You may not have even noticed the pedaling sponginess before, but when it's gone, you won't believe your feet! Climbing, for example, will be a much different experience. 
  • Both the front timing chain idler and the rear power side idlers are cogged idlers for the best power transfer and durability. They are solid metal all the way to the tough chrome steel or hybrid ceramic bearings. The rear return idler has a super durable urethane bed and tough nylon side plates. It also rides on either chrome steel or hybrid ceramic bearings. The net result is a significant powertrain upgrade—one you'll appreciate for years to come.
  • The front timing chain idler and the rear power side idler are both 15T cogged power side idlers. The kit is available in either Sport level (Aluminum cog, chrome steel bearings) or Elite level (Titanium cog, hybrid ceramic bearings). The rear Return idler has a durable urethane bed and matches the Sport or Elite Power side idlers in either chrome steel or hybrid ceramic bearing-type. All the bearings in this kit are 608 sized bearings with an 8mm ID. Both the front and rear idlers float side to side with the chain for efficiency and low noise. 
  • The front timing chain idler mount is specifically designed for the Screamer timing chain. It has a range of adjustment designed to let you position the idler exactly where you need it for the best chainline. Issues with clearing your brakes, fenders, or fork crown can be quickly solved with this mount. It is very sturdy and will easily handle any out of phase pedaling loads you may inadvertently apply—and its stiffness helps you "telegraph" between captain and stoker. This stiffness also helps it keep the chain controlled in all conditions to completely eliminate derailments. 
  • Stiffness in an idler mount directly translates to pedaling efficiency. This is especially true in a tandem, with twice the pedaling forces going to the back wheel. The rear idler mount system stiffens the idler support in two very important ways. The mount in this kit supports the idler from both sides, not just one side, and uses a larger diameter bolt and a stiffer axle bushing. All these things add up to much firmer support for the idlers and markedly sprightlier pedaling. 
  • The stainless idler shafts are precision ground to ensure the idlers float side to side smoothly no matter how hard you are pedaling. All nuts, bolts, and washers are 18-8 stainless, and all the aluminum parts are CNC machined and anodized black. The plastic parts are molded from tough glass reinforced Nylon for impact resistance, durability, and resistance to chain lube solvents. The chain bed on the Return idler is molded industrial grade urethane for many tens of thousands of miles of service.
  • This kit is for all known Screamer versions and model years.