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The RANS Rocket/VRex Front Idler Kit includes a Return Idler, Stainless Steel Single Chain Keeper and the hardware necessary to make your chainline smooth and quiet. Works well with the RANS Rocket/VRex Rear Idler Kit. Easy to install, easier to enjoy!


1. What does this kit do?

It replaces the stock return idler on a Rocket or a VRex with a new T-Cycle Return Idler. This kit includes all new mounting hardware and a new chainkeeper.

2. What are the differences in the choices?

The first choice relates to the type of Return Idler- Sport or Elite level. The Sport idler is made from glass reinforced nylon. It has a urethane chainbed and an ABEC 7 steel bearing. The Elite Idler has a CNC machined AL core with glass reinforced nylon sideplates. It has a urethane chainbed and a hybrid ceramic and stainless steel bearing. The second choice relates to the mounting point on your bike. The type of mounting point has changed over the years. Up until 2011 or so, Rockets and most VRexes have a metal tab welded to the bottom of the frame tube. It has an unthreaded 5mm or a 6mm hole where the stock idler shaft is attached with a nut. Newer Rockets and VRexes have an 8mm threaded boss on the bottom of the frame tube. The stock idler bolt screws into this boss.

3. How can I tell which mounting type I have?

If you look from the left side of the bike, you can see the back side of the mount. If you see a nut on a plate, you have the plate version. If you see a round boss with a largish bolt (8mm, about 5/16 inch) down in it, you have the Threaded Hole version.

4. What will this kit do for my bike?

While the stock idler works pretty well and lasts a long time, this kit is a serious upgrade to the stock idler and chainkeeper.

5. What all comes with this kit?

Besides the new Return Idler, the kits come with new mounting hardware and a new chainkeeper. On the tab mount version, a CNC machined aluminum arm attaches to the tab and holds the new idler on a stainless steel shaft. A stainless steel chainkeeper with a molybdenum disulfide impregnated nylon keeper arm makes sure the chain stays on. And to make sure the chainkeeper stays on, the nylon keeper arm is held on by a 5mm stainless through bolt secured by a Nylock nut. On the threaded hole version, a precision machined idler shaft threads into the hole. A stainless keeper with nylon arm bolts to the end of the shaft to keep the chain on.


These kits completely replace the stock idler and all mounting hardware.

To install, remove the old idler and hardware.

On the plate mount kit, install the aluminum arm against the plate and secure it to the plate with the bolt, washer, and Nylock nut provided. Loosen the chainkeeper, slip the chain onto the idler, and tighten the chainkeeper again.

On the threaded hole kit, temporarily remove the chainkeeper from the end of the stainless idler shaft. Thread the shaft into the frame. Lay the chain onto the idler, then reinstall the chainkeeper.


  • This kit is the way to replace or upgrade your return idler on your Rocket or VRex. It provides a level of performance and bling you won't believe until you see it. Precision bearings, all stainless hardware, super durable idler, and a dependable chainkeeper make a very solid, performance package.
  • The plate mount version has a machined aluminum arm that moves the idler back and slightly down. This is to ensure clearance for V-Brakes when the front wheel is turned. The threaded mount version uses the existing idler location, since the new mount location has more room for the brakes.
  • Both kits use stainless steel idler shafts and all stainless hardware.
  • The chainkeeper arm is a special molybdenum disulfide impregnated nylon designed for high abrasion environments. A 5mm stainless bolt goes through the black nylon arm and holds it to the stainless chainkeeper plate. A Nylock nut secures the arm to the plate. There is no way to snap the nylon off, and no way to unscrew it without a wrench. It is designed to be there no matter how much it is hit or bumped.
  • Fits on all known RANS Rocket and VRex bikes.