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This kit provides full coverage for just about any recumbent bike need with a variety of M5, M6 and M8 bolts, nuts and washers. It includes:

M5 x 10 Qty 2
M5 x 12 Qty 4
M5 x 16 Qty 2
M5 x 20 Qty 2
M5 x 25 Qty 2
M5 x 12 Button Head Qty 4
M5 Nyloc Nut Qty 2
M5 Washer Qty 4
M6 x 16 Qty 2
M6 x 25 Qty 2
M6 Nyloc Nut Qty 2
M6 Washer Qty 4
M8 x 60 short thread (30mm smooth plus 12.5mm thread) Qty 1
M8 Jam Nut (4mm thick) Qty 1
M8 Nyloc Nut Qty 1
M8 Washer Qty 2

All the bolts are Allen head bolts. The M5 Button Heads use a 3mm Allen, and the regular M5 Socket Head Cap Screws use a 4mm Allen. The 6mm bolts all use a 5mm Allen, while the 8mm bolts use a 6mm Allen.