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T-Cycle Idler Spacers Kit

10 reviews
SKU: SSB253.1

These are 8mm ID aluminum spacers, custom cut on a C&C lathe specifically for T-Cycle idlers. Kit Includes:

  • 2x 0.09in spacers
  • 2x 0.30in spacers
  • 1x 0.60in spacers

You can use a 0.09in spacer between a Power idler and a flat surface, like a chain keeper or an idler mount. The 0.09in spacer can also be used between the power side of an Over/Under idler and a flat surface. The 0.30in spacer is for spacing a Return idler away from a flat surface. The 0.30in spacer can also separate a Return idler and a Power idler. Finally, the 0.60in spacer is used between the return side of an Over/Under idler and a flat surface.

Customer Reviews
4.8 Based on 10 Reviews
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Brad W.
United States United States

They worked great. i had to position my elite multi-purpose idler"upside down" on my Azub to get the chain to clear the suspension for crown and the idlers also needed to be on the lowest bolt hole which allowed the idler to contact the idler clamp. switching out the spacers corrected the position and it runs great.

Timothy S.
United States United States

Well made, typical T-Cycle gear. Solved my problem nicely

Timothy D.
United States United States
Necessary little pieces

Very useful not being required to cut individual lengths

Andy C.
United States United States
Just what I needed

Finding the right spacers for the idler setup on my older bent was so much easier with the T-Cycle Spacer kit. Definitely improved the idler/chain management system on my bent. Good quality and good service. Will use T-Cycle again.

Noel P.
United States United States
T-Cycle idler spacers

These spacers can be used to replace or fill out the spacers on the T-Cycle slack-side idler wheel axle. I used one the right width to fill out the the spacers on the axle so that the wheel moves smoothly laterally from side to side with the chain. It probably isn't necessary to fill the gap the idler comes with, but I like the looks of the full axle.