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The ICE Power Idler Kit is the perfect performance-enhancing upgrade for your ICE trike. With a custom idler mount that allows the Power Idler to float, this kit reduces friction and noise. The Clamp-On Single-Sided Chain Keeper helps wrangle in that wandering chain. Also included is a holder for your existing chaintube. This kit is for the ICE Trike owner who wants to keep the existing drive train configuration and seriously upgrade the quality of the power idler carrying the chain. The smoothness, quietness and increased power to the rear wheel will be noticeable on your first ride.

This kit fits all ICE trikes and Trices. If you have a T, you have the option of going to the ICE Over/Under Kit. If you have a Q, S, Micro, Monster, XXL, etc., you have the option of going to the Under/Under (Dual) Idler Kit. The T is different (the return chainline is very flat), which means it isn't pulled up enough to touch a return idler. All the other trikes, including the new folding trikes (Adventure, Sprint, Vortex), can use the ICE Trike Under/Under kit.