ICE Dual Idler Kit

SKU: IDK164.1

The ICE Dual Idler Kit is the ultimate chainline upgrade for all ICE Trikes. This kit lets you get rid of nearly all your chain tubes and improve your drivetrain for lower friction and higher performance. Side by side Power and Return idlers work together with a Clamp-On Single-Sided Chain Keeper to optimize your chainline. On newer trikes, you might have to keep some chaintubes in the rear to protect the frame if you fold the trike.

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Kenneth S.
United States United States
Better than the original

TerraCycle continues...their products are both excellently made and designed better than the original equipment. T-Cycle is my first stop for parts for the ICE trike.

Cliff K.
United States United States
Ice Dual Idler Kit solved my problem!

My 2008 Ice Trice “S” has always had a sagging return side chain that almost touched the ground as it got close to the long cage on the rear 20” wheel. Also, the chain tube on the power side always bothered me. After trying a variety of fixes that didn’t quite get it done, I mounted the Dual Idler with an over/under keeper on one of the T-Cycle clamps, locating it just under my seat. Bingo! No chain tubes, good tension and enough side-to-side movement to keep the chain and rear gears happy. The power side goes under the idler, and the return side goes over it. The kit is mounted just low enough to keep the deflection on the power side productive, but I still have plenty of ground clearance under it. This idler kit, paired with one I bought from Terra Cycle 12 years ago(!) for the front location work very well together- smooth and quiet cruising and shifting, and the feeling that what I put into pedaling is transferred to the rear wheel without a lot of power loss. Thanks to the crew at T-Cycle (especially Aaron) for helping me get back on my trusty trike!

T-Cycle ICE Dual Idler Kit ReviewT-Cycle ICE Dual Idler Kit ReviewT-Cycle ICE Dual Idler Kit Review
Peter L.
United States United States
Amazingly easy upgrade

This idler installed in minutes and it is SO GREAT to have a clean looking trike without chain tubes. Great product. Recommend to anyone with an ICE trike.

A T-Cycle Customer
Michael R.
United States
Power boost!

Best upgrade I’ve made to my ICE Sprint! I can’t say that I have objective evidence that removing the chain tubes increased my power transfer to the wheel, but, subjectively, I’m taking the same hills I struggled on in granny gear faster and in higher gear, despite being marginally weaker in the legs from a winter of almost sno cycling. As to folding, I wrap the chain at the hinge in an old t-shirt and Velcro straps and it works just as well. If you have been thinking about this upgrade but haven’t done it yet, don’t wait any longer.