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So... I heard people were having a hard time finding 135mm and 120mm rear single speed hubs with 36h... Thanks to the powers of Alibaba, I'm proud to bring the FREEK/FREEK Rear Single Speed Hub to the market.

It is offered in 135mm and 120mm length varieties and offers 36h.

Free/Free threading so you can have all the shin splitting freewheels you need! 

These sealed cartridge bearing bad-boys offer threaded axle nuts so (hopefully) there will be no slippage on fast breakaways.

135mm Hub:
- Flange Diameter - 58mm
- Center to Flange - 39mm
- 323 grams

120mm Hub:
- Flange Diameter - 58mm
- Center to Flange - 28.5mm
- 286 grams

Time to let your FREEK/FREEK flag fly!