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FastBack Pump Pack

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The FastBack Pump Pack is part a philosophy my father imparted upon me: "Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it." Why curse your flat when you could pump it up on the fly? With long Velcro straps, you can place this pack just about anywhere. Add in the fact that it has strap clips that attach to your other FastBack products and there's nowhere this baby can't go. Holds a patch kit, too, so everything you need is right there together. Never be stuck by the side of the road again!


1. How much can it carry?

The Pump Pack is 14.75in (37.5cm) long and 3.25in (8.25cm) wide. The zipper is 4.5in (11.4cm) long. It is designed to carry most mini pumps plus a patch kit.

2. Where can I attach it?

There are two attachment options. The back of the Pump Pack has multiple webbing strips in rows and columns. We provide two "Annex Clips" that enable you to easily attach and detach pieces of webbing to each other. So, if you have straps already, say with a Fastback bag or on the back of your seat, you can attach there. If you don't already have straps where you want to attach, we also provide two Velcro OneWrap straps which let you attach almost anywhere. The straps are long enough you can attach anywhere from a 60mm main tube all the way down to a skinny seatstay.


  • If you already have a Fastback bag, or have straps on the back of your seat, you can attach it with the easy on/off "Annex Clips" that let you attach one strap to another. For everywhere else, you can use the two Velcro OneWrap straps which let you attach almost anywhere. The straps are long enough you can attach anywhere from a 60mm main tube all the way down to a skinny seatstay. People often attach their Pump Packs to the main tube, a chainstay, or the back of the seat.
  • Made in USA with rugged, oversized zipper and heavy duty pack cloth. Two strap to strap "Annex Clips" and two Velcro OneWrap straps provided.
  • Keeps your pump and patch kit together, clean and dry and ready for use. Easily moved from bike to bike, so you'll always have what you need.
  • Length: 14.75in (37.5cm)
  • Width: 3.25in (8.25cm)
  • Zipper opening: 4.5in (11.4cm)
  • Made from the same heavy duty pack cloth as our other packs. Zipper is oversized for extra ruggedness.
  • Fits any bike or trike. The mounting system is extremely versatile.
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A T-Cycle Customer
Steve G.
United States United States
Tire Pump Frame Bag

This is a very useful bag to have because bike tire pumps are generally quite long and narrow, and this is one of the few (if not the only) bag made specifically to handle pumps like the Topeak Mountain Morph or Road Morph pumps. With so many options for attaching it to the bike or trike, either vertically, horizontally, or at angles, this bag can be used by any cyclist on any kind of bicycle or tricycle. The construction is super heavy duty, and will outlast most cyclists themselves. I can't imagine even being able to wear this bag out regardless of how many years it is used. This is my second one of these because when I sold the recumbent trike I had my first pump bag mounted to, I let the new owner of the trike take the bag as part of the deal (he wanted it). So, I was eager to get a new one for my Easy Racers Gold Rush LWB touring bike. By the way, for anyone who wants to watch my video review of this pump bag, here is a link to it on my Bike Hobo YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGu3P0K2SzA