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With a T-Cycle Fairing Cover, scratches are a thing of the past. You can protect your fairing on or off the bike using the form fitting elastic edging. Secure your rolled up fairing with the built-in cord locks. Impress your friends and deflect your enemies, buy a T-Cycle Fairing Cover today!


1. Which one should I get?

If you have a fairing with a wheel slot (like the ERX, WERX, or RNS), get the one made for slotted fairings. It has special pockets the bottom of the fairing goes in. If you have a SPRING or XT fairing, get the SPRING/XTT version. It's just the right size. If you have any other fairing, like a WINTR, GX, WGX, or BLC, get the "Without Wheel Slot" version.

2. Why do fairings need covers?

Fairings are tough, but they can be scratched. A cover protects them from things brushing against them when they are stored or when you are transporting your bike or trike. A cover also protects them from abrasive dirt.

3. Can I use them on my bike?

Yes. These covers can be used both on your bike, and to roll up the fairing and protect it when it's off your bike. Many people use them to protect their fairing while their bike is parked in the garage. Others use them primarily for protection while transporting.

4. Can't I just use a big towel or something to protect my fairing when I roll it up?

Yes, no problem with that. These covers make it easier, since they have elastic around the edge to hold things on, and have cord locks on the cords to keep the roll tight. A big towel or a small blanket will work just as well to protect the fairing, but it won't be as quick and easy. The covers also work while the fairing is on the bike.


  • Made in USA of soft polyester fleece.
  • Nylon cords, nylon cord locks.
  • Elastic sewn into a sleeve around the edge.
  • Sized and made for each class of fairing.
  • Cords and cord locks designed for an approximately 8-10 inch (20-25cm) diameter roll.
  • Compatible with any fairing in the general size range of the Windwrap XT, Windwrap WGX, and Windwrap WERX fairings.
  • Pull elastic around top of fairing while it's installed on bike, and work your way down to the bottom.
  • If you are removing the fairing and rolling it up, loosen the thumbscrews before putting on the cover. Remove the fairing and roll it up, starting from the bottom. Slip the cords over the end of the roll and tighten the cord locks.