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Though Burleys haven't been made for several years, we know plenty of people still ride them and that's why we make the Burley Idler Kit. Our kit includes hardware that fits all 3 different types of Burley bikes. All three use both our award-winning T-Cycle Over/Under Idlers and a Double-Sided Clamp-On Chain Keeper to float the chain, reduce noise and improve efficiency. The kit comes with a specially crafted threaded insert (custom made for Burley long wheelbase bikes), a stainless steel idler bolt, spacers, and other necessary hardware. The Burley Idler Kit is a serious upgrade in every department. If you plan on keeping your Burley, you'll appreciate the investment.

This kit is configurable for all Burley bikes. The Spider has another idler in the rear, and we have another kit for that. Email us if you have a Spider.