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Arkel is known for making things really well and really tough. They have been making expedition class equipment for years, and these Arkel bags certainly follow that tradition. Both sizes are completely waterproof. They feature one big internal pocket, one small waterproof outside pocket, and a pair of external mesh pockets. These bags now include as standard a set of our super short, close-in mounts that bring the bags closer by 2.25in (57mm).The close in mounts have proven to be so popular we made arrangements with Arkel to get the bags without the standard long clamps, so we could make a bag+clamp SeatSide combo for a better price. The bags come with shoulder straps and clear waterproof map covers. The cover is only suitable for paper maps. The clear cover is removable, so you can use it or not, your choice. It's easy to add padding to the strap if you have any kind of sheet foam.

Made in Canada

Approximate Outer Dimensions (not counting protruding pocket): 6" x 8.5" x 9.5; 15.25cm x 21.5cm x 24cm


1. Why this bag?

We like these bags because they are very well made, they are a nice size, they are waterproof, and they have nice shoulder straps. Top of the line stuff.

2. What about the close in clamps? Do I need those?

They are now included! We found that basically everyone wanted the closer in clamps, so we made a deal with Arkel to get the bags without the stock clamps, and we provide our closer in clamps instead for a small increase in price over the small bag.


  1. Loosen the clamping bolts and slide the clamps onto the SeatSide mount tube using the smallest shims.
  2. Clip the bag on to set the distance between the clamps.
  3. Adjust the bag to the right angle and tighten the clamps.
  4. If needed, you can loosen the bolts that attach the clips to the bag and slide the clips sideways to adjust their position on the bag.


The liner unzips, so you can add things like inside padding very easily. They're lined with ensolite foam and with polyethylene packing foam sheets. Both add a nice feel and some insulation. You won't worry tossing in your camera or pastries that they will get bumped or cooked. A nice addition to a nice bag.