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This super versatile, super strong T-clamp lets you attach two 7/8 inch (22.2mm) tubes at 90 degrees to each other. One end of the T-clamp goes inside of and clamps to one of the tubes, while the outside of other tube is clamped by a pair of discreet but sturdy machined arches. You are free to choose which tube gets clamped which way. The 7/8 inch size means it's useful in all kinds of places. We use this clamp on our fairing mounts, SeatSide mounts, and we even use it to make display stands when we go to shows. Note: that this clamp is designed to hold accessories; it is NOT designed to hold handlebars in place.


1. What's it for?

It's for making mounts and structures based on 7/8in (22.2mm) tubes. We use them to make fairing mounts that are more adjustable and break down for shipping. We use them to make our SeatSide Mounts, and we have used them to make custom supports, jigs in the shop, all sorts of things. Basically, any time you'd like to be able to stick two tubes together 90 degrees to each other, this is a great clamp to do it.

2. How does it work?

In one direction, the clamp has an internal wedge mechanism, basically like a stem for a threaded fork. You put it inside a tube, tighten, and it locks in. In the other direction, it has a saddle and a pair of clamp arches, kind of like a face clamp on a handlebar stem. You slide a tube in, clamp the arches, and everything is locked together.

3. Can I use it to hold my handlebars?

While it's strong, it's not a proper handlebar stem and it is not suitable for holding any part of your steering system together. It's great for attaching accessories to your handlebars, but it's not designed to handle steering forces.


  • A versatile clamp with a variety of uses. Designed to be very compact yet strong enough to lots of uses. That said, it's not designed to handle steering forces, so you can't use it to hold your handlebars together. Wedge clamp is optimized for 7/8in x 0.065in wall tubing (with an ID of 0.745-ish inches or 18.9mm). Face clamp is optimized for painted 7/8 in OD tubing. It will clamp a variety of other things, you'll need to test it when you are using it on tubing with different specs.
  • Machined from 6061T6 aluminum and anodized black. All fasteners are stainless. Face clamp is 1.4in (35.5mm) wide. Wedge clamp is 1.0in (25.4mm) deep. Wedge clamp bolt is m6 with a 5mm socket head, arch clamp bolts are m4 with a 3mm socket head. Not for use as an integral part of a steering system, but may be used to attach accessories to handlebars.
  • To adjust wedge clamp, slide the tube in the face clamp out to expose the 6mm wedge clamp bolt. If you slide the tube out just far enough to expose the 6mm bolt, leaving the tube held by one of the two face clamp arches, the tube held by the arch will make a nice handle while you adjust the wedge clamp.
  • Fits nearly any place* you'd like to attach one 7/8in tube to another.

*Not for use in holding your steering system together- you need proper handlebar stems/bar ends for that.