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2-Bolt Double-Ended Clamp

15 reviews
SKU: ACH040.1

An essential building block for anyone looking to tinker toy their way to recumbent success is the Double-Ended Clamp! The open-ended two-bolt setup means that installation is a breeze, because you don't have to remove other things from your tube. The high surface area of the Double-Ended Clamp's grip securely clamps into place, holding light accessories or mounts wherever you want them to be. These clamps measures 2" from the center of one clamped tube to the center of the other clamped tube.


1. What an odd shaped clamp. How does it work?

This clamp is designed to be a low clearance, medium duty clamp that's easy to install. That's why the ends are open- it gives you more room to get up close to things, and it makes it easier to install the clamp. The sides just pop apart and you put the clamp where you want. Usually, all you have to do is remove one bolt and loosen the other to wrap the clamp around a tube.

2. What can I hold with it?

Any round, straight tube that is the right diameter. We an ever-growing library of clamp sizes. It's important the tube is straight for the 1/2 inch (12.7mm) where the clamp is attached. The tube can curve around in other places, but where the clamp is attached needs to be straight.

3. How strong it it?

Pretty strong, we call it light duty because the four-bolt Double-Ended Clamps are meant for most applications. It's designed for versatility and ease of installation more than maximum strength. It's designed to hold light accessories (under 2 lbs, 1kg or so). It definitely not designed for attaching critical things like steering components, heavy accessories, or exit assist handles. What it can handle strongly depends on the amount of leverage you put on it of course, so the overall design matters a lot.

4. Can I use it on things that aren't the "proper" size?

Unfortunately, no. For the clamp to grip well, it needs to be gripping something that is round, straight, and the rated size. Fortunately, that is usually possible.


  • Machined from 6061 aluminum, anodized black. Available in multiple sizes, be sure to use clamps sized exactly for the tubing you wish to clamp.
  • 7/8" (22.2mm) to 7/8" (22.2mm) clamp weighs 41 grams. 1" (25.4mm) to 7/8" (22.2mm) clamp weighs 43 grams. Anodized black coating, stainless steel hardware.
  • There are three basic ways to install a clamp, depending on the tube it is going on. The first is to loosen the bolts and slide the clamp over the tube(s). If there are obstacles on one of the tubes, you'll need to remove one bolt, loosen the other, swivel the clamp open, and put it over the tube. If both tubes have obstacles, simply remove both bolts, put the halves of the clamp around the tubes, and reinstall the bolts.
  • Fits nearly any place you would like to clamp two tubes so they are parallel to each other.
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Glenn R.
United States

Great products and service

We have purchased a lot of accessory mounts for our 559 and Dumont Catrikes and each and every time the service from T-Cycle has been great!

George H.
United States United States

They work great.

This high quality item performs as advertised.

Bob D.
United States United States

Nothing like it elsewhere

Ypu just cannot beat metal-to-metal clamping integrity. The fact that these clamps split apart allows them to be used for applications where closed clamps will not work. A perfect example is the Johes H-Bar loop handlebar. I needed to mount a thumb shifter with non-hinged clamp. I used the T-cycle clamp with a short piece of 7/8" accessry metal tube. It worked perfectly and does not slip.

Paul R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Excellent clamp.

This was a great solution to a problem I had with a recent install of a Bafang LCD and Thumb throttle on my ICE Sprint X recumbent trike. I wanted more clearance for my left leg... so I used one of these clamps, added a length of your 7/8 aluminium tubing, and then mounted the LCD screen on the top tube... I now have a much better fit. I include a photo with the screen tilted forward so people can see how I arranged the clamp and tubing. Since taking these photos, I have added a Quad-Lock mount as well on the upper tube to hold my Iphone.

T-Cycle 2-Bolt Double-Ended Clamp ReviewT-Cycle 2-Bolt Double-Ended Clamp Review
Robert W.
United States United States

Quality product

More great stuff.