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The Pelso is an undeniably high-end bike with a less-than-high-end idler setup.  Upgrade your ride with top-of-the-line idlers from T-Cycle! 

The Over/Under Idler kit is the less expensive option and provides about 10mm of side to side idler float.

The 23t Power Idler and 15t Return Idler kit provides about 5mm of side to side float. The larger power side idler is a little smoother and provides more chain clearance under the chainstays if you ever go to a big cog 1x11 system. The clamp-on chainkeeper is more expensive and a little bulkier than the simpler stainless version, but it makes chain maintenance and chainkeeper adjustment a breeze. It also lets the idler float inboard a bit more, which helps most chainlines, especially if you have a triple up front.