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Price and quantity are per whole foot.  We only offer lengths in whole foot increments.

Order includes one set of quick link connectors.

KMC X10 Chain is used by many leading recumbent manufacturers. High quality without high price, this chain fits a wide variety of bike and trikes with extra stretch proof, noise reducing, high pin powered abilities that have earned KMC X10 Chain an industry reputation for reliability. Price is per foot (24 links). One One KMC 10 speed Quick Link Connector is included with every chain order.


1. Why do you sell this chain?

Shimano makes good chain but it tends to be persnickety to work with. SRAM makes good chain, but you can't get it in the USA in recumbent lengths. KMC makes good chain, and we can buy it in 500ft spools and cut recumbent lengths out of it.

2. Is KMC as good as Shimano and SRAM?

Every bit as good, and better in some ways. We have found KMC chain to shift really well and last a long time. The nickel plated outer plates look really nice, too.

3. How can you offer such a good price?

We buy giant 500ft spools of it, and we developed a dispensing machine that lets us measure out and break the chain quickly and easily. It even puts it in the bag for us. We sell a lot of chain, so that's a good thing.

4. Do you offer any other chain?

Yes, we do. We carry the X9.93 chain because it is a very good all around chain, and you can use it in 7, 8. and 9 speed systems. Additionally, we offer 10 speed chain, as more and more bikes are moving to 10 speed chain systems. Stocking spools of chain is a bit of an investment, so, for now, those are the only two we have available.

5. How do I measure how long my chain is?

There are several ways. One is to count the links. You only have to count the outer links, as inners and outers are always paired. Each (inner, outer) pair is 1 inch. A typical recumbent chain will be 10-12 feet, so it will have 120 to 144 or so pairs of links. That's countable, but tedious. There are some tricks to counting to make it easier, explained below. You can also remove the chain and measure it, but that's often a rather greasy thing to do.

6. How do I count my links?

  • If you have a master link on your existing chain, rotate the pedals until the master link is someplace easily viewed, like the front edge of the front derailleur, or just as the chain goes into the rear derailleur. Slowly crank the pedals and count the outer links that go by.
  • If you don't have a master link, or if it's hard to tell it apart from the other links, poke a tuft of yarn through a link to mark your starting point. Choose an easily viewed spot on the chain, like the front edge of the front derailleur, or just as the chain goes into the rear derailleur. Slowly crank the pedals and count the outer links that go by. You don't want a big piece of yarn, just a couple inches or so. It will be very obvious as things go around.
  • Do the yarn trick, but look for the tooth count on your small chainring. Shift to the small ring, line the crankarm up with the front of the front derailleur, and put the tuft in there. Count the number of full revolutions until the tuft approaches the same spot. On the last revolution, you'll stop at the full revolution point. Count the number of links back to the tuft, and add that to the number that went by in full revolutions. With a typical small chainring, you won't have much to count.
  • Shift into the big ring. Measure the distance in inches from the cassette up to the top of the big ring. Multiply that by two. Add half the number of teeth in the big ring, and you'll have a close approximation of the length in inches. Convert to feet and round up.


  • A great deal on high quality chain.  You can even get the exact amount you need and don't have to buy multiple boxes, it's an even better deal!
  • KMC X10.93 Bicycle Chain
  • 10-Speed, 1/2 x 11/28-Inch, Silver/Black
  • 58 grams per foot
  • Fully compatible with Shimano, SRAM, and other 10 speed drivetrains
  • Double X Bridge outer plates
  • Stretch Proof treatment for exceptional durability
  • Low noise bushingless construction
  • Chamfered outer plate for easy shifting, even on big jumps
  • Chamfered inner plate for precise shifting
  • Mushroomed riveting for high pin strength
  • Silver/Dark Silver look (nickel plated outer plates)
  • Can use your regular chain tools and/or KMC MissingLinks