Hi-Vis Tassel

SKU: PSK309.2

These Hi-Vis tassels are made from super vivid ribbon (either fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, or bright pink) with bright white reflective down the middle. They are designed to wave eye catchingly in the breeze and be visible from all angles. Add a second one to the bottom of your flag or any other place you'd like add visibility. Includes split ring for easy attachment. These are the same Hi-Vis tassels that come with each flag. Total length: 22 inches (56cm) with brass grommet in the middle.


1. What does this do?

It attaches to things and makes them more visible. When used with a flag, it will flutter and wave randomly, it's bright color attracting attention from all directions.

2. How visible is it?

Quite. In the daytime, the fluorescent color is very bright, and at night, the reflective material really lights up when headlights shine on it. The combination of movement and brightness is very attention getting.

3. How does it attach?

A stainless split ring, similar to a small key ring, is used to attach to things like flags and racks. The split rings we use are nice ones made in Stevens Point Wisconsin.


  • USA made his-vis fluorescent yellow/green polyester ribbon material is super bright in both high and low light conditions. UV stable material and dyes so it will last for a long time. Extra bright white reflective stripe is highly visible at night. Includes brass grommet and stainless split ring for attachment. Both are USA made also.
  • 1 inch (25,4mm) wide USA made his-vis fluorescent yellow/green polyester ribbon material. Polyester material and dyes are UV both stable for long life. Central white reflective stripe is 1/2in (12,7mm) wide made with the highest reflective grade available. Brass reinforcing grommet, stainless split ring.
  • Tassel may be attached to anything you would like to be more visible. On Purple Sky Flags, there is a grommet on the top and the bottom of the flag where a tassel can be attached. Either or both positions can be used.

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Chuck K.
United States United States
Very fast

Fast shipping and great products

Cecil T.
United States United States
Super flair

Great addition.

Judy C.
Canada Canada
I Like Them

Easy to attach, hopefully aids car drivers to avoid you, and they are bright.

Rich P.
United States United States
It’s a flag!

Seems weird writing a review for a friggin’ flag. Anyway, it’s a flag, but a really good one. Flaps really well.

Mike K.
Awesome beauty, design, style, and quality.

I have to admit...I was a bit reluctant to purchase a flag and pole set in this price range. I got a Spectrum flag that came with these hi-vis tassels. First of all....everything looks great and the quality is awesome! Even the poles were designed to not come apart...using vacuum to hold 'em together. Somebody was thinking! Anyway...instead of just using the split ring to attach the tassels, I used a stainless ball-bearing #5 fishing swivel between the split ring and the groment on the flag. Now, instead of simply "waving" as I ride, they "twirl".