4-Bolt Double-Ended Clamp

SKU: SMH273.1

An essential building block for anyone looking to tinker toy their way to recumbent success is the Double-Ended Clamp! The open-ended four-bolt setup means that installation is a breeze, because you don't have to remove other things from your tube. The high surface area of the Double-Ended Clamp's grip securely clamps into place, holding light accessories or mounts wherever you want them to be.


1. What an odd shaped clamp. How does it work?

This clamp is designed to be a low clearance, medium duty clamp that's easy to install. That's why the ends are open- it gives you more room to get up close to things, and it makes it easier to install the clamp. The sides just pop apart and you put the clamp where you want.

2. What can I hold with it?

Any round, straight tube that is the right diameter. We an ever-growing library of clamp sizes. It's important the tube is straight for the 1/2 inch (12.7mm) where the clamp is attached. The tube can curve around in other places, but where the clamp is attached needs to be straight.

3. How strong it it?

The four-bolt Double-Ended Clamps are meant for most applications. It's definitely not designed for attaching critical things like steering components, heavy accessories, or exit assist handles. What it can handle strongly depends on the amount of leverage you put on it of course, so the overall design matters a lot.

4. Can I use it on things that aren't the "proper" size?

Unfortunately, no. For the clamp to grip well, it needs to be gripping something that is round, straight, and the rated size. Fortunately, that is usually possible.


  • Machined from 6061 aluminum, anodized black. Available in multiple sizes, be sure to use clamps sized exactly for the tubing you wish to clamp.
  • Simply remove both bolts, put the halves of the clamp around the tubes, and reinstall the bolts.
  • Fits nearly any place you would like to clamp two tubes so they are parallel to each other.
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Thomas N.
United States United States
4 bolt double ended clamp

It works great to hold the light and computer.

Bruce F.
United States United States

Due to changes made to my trike's original equipment, I needed a new way to mount front lights and a water bottle cage. T-Cycle had the answer. The double ended clamp enabled me to construct the perfect system for my TerraTrike GT. Getting ideas from Aaron was instrumental and ordering the item was a breeze. Thanks T-Cycle.

Ted S.
United States United States
Very very expensive item $44.00 for one clamp

I could not find any trace element of neither gold, silver or any other precious metal that makes it so expensive. Come on now..... $12.00 is reasonable price for this item. But its an excellent design,

Jacek C.
United States United States
Strong and tight - perfect to hold an extension bar

I needed to add an extension bar onto the steer bar of my electric scooter. My purpose of that extension bar is to put holders for a phone and a light. Unfortunately, the mid-section of my steer bar was oval-shaped and I could not any clamp suitable for such shapes. So I decided to attach a clamp near my brake handle, where the steer bar was round, and attach a long tube to the other side of the clamp. Clearly, the clamp had to be tight and strong because the long tube would exert more than usual forces on it. Aaron suggested that I use this clamp - and it works perfect. It's incredible strong and tight - precisely what I needed. It's a bit more expensive than what I originally saw on Amazon, but I have absolutely no fear that my phone would come down crashing because of a weak clamp (as opposed to Amazon reviewers for some other clamps). This peace of mind, and having a really strong and nice-looking clamp, was worth every little penny for me.

T-Cycle 4-Bolt Double-Ended Clamp ReviewT-Cycle 4-Bolt Double-Ended Clamp Review
Charles S.
United States United States
Made a side bag holder for dumont with them

Used them on a dumont with the arm for a side bag holder to mount a topeak handle bar bag on the left side. If you remove bag it still folds