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T-Newsletter #6, March 2013

T-Newsletter #6, March 2013

Spring is springing! Let the lawns be strewn with treasures and with toaster ovens that don't pop up without a good smack. And let the roads swell with bike traffic! The T-Cycle Team is loving each slice of sun that we receive as the Pacific Northwest changes from the rainy season to the rainy-and-sometimes-sunny season.

This month we're happy to announce a tweaking of our Optima Baron Power and Return Idler Kit. The mid-return idler mounting bracket historically included a piece of rubber to fold over your chaintube to hold it in place. What we've done is found a way to replace that piece of rubber with one of our floating chaintube holders affixed with a clamp. We'll be replacing the pictures soon; for now, you'll have to use your imagination (or you could always order one!)

Despite the recent struggles in moving our entire everything and trying desperately to catch up to the stacks of orders that accompany every spring, we had the chance to make a couple riders out there happy enough that they took to the internet to share their joy. And, well, it makes us so happy when we make you happy, that we want to give a shout out to the shout outs: