T-Newsletter #3, December 2012

T-Newsletter #3, December 2012

Who'd've thought moving hundreds of thousands of dollars of primo bike parts would be such hard work? With a little help from our friends, we're packing parts, lifting boxes, loading crates, carrying tools, dropping weight, cursing friends, picking noses, pointing fingers, losing minds, sweating buckets and laughing a lot. In the course of a couple days, we managed to completely disassemble our workplace and move it three miles away. Unfortunately, disassembling is much easier than assembling.

For those of you who have ordered anything recently, then we're begging for your patience. Everyday, we show up at our new shop and can't believe how much nicer it is and how much we have yet to do. It's bigger, it's warmer (If you've visited our old shop, you know how huge this is!), and it's prettier. That said, there really is still much work to do. Most of the things that we need to make the parts that people love are trapped in a sort of limbo while we put the finishing touches on the work space.

Casimir Covert-Keefe

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