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T-Newsletter #19, Spring 2016

T-Newsletter #19, Spring 2016

Hello friends! It's been a wicked crazy year for us here. I feel like I write that every time I sit down to do a newsletter... But that doesn't make it less true. 

Since last I wrote, we've rolled out some cool Accessories for SeatSide Mounts. Along with each bag that we sell, we send custom-made shims to insure that the bag will hang perfectly on our SeatSide Mounting System. Additionally, the Axiom Randonee Bag comes with a custom made Anti-Rotation Cable, and we sell a T-Cycle Custom Arkel Bag Mount that helps to bring your Arkel Handlebar Bag about 2.5 inches closer to you. The T-Cycle Custom Arkel Mounts have been selling very well, as even people without SeatSide Mounts find that a closer bag can be helpful. We've also begun stocking SeatSide Bottle Cages that natively attach to 7/8" tubing with a built-in mount. Our friend JaYoe did a pretty cool video of an inventive use for the bottle cage:

In fact, JaYoe has done a lot of videos for us! I'd wholly recommend following his travels, as well as his kind words about T-Cycle products ;) Click the logo below to find more: 

In other news, the merger of Purple Sky and T-Cycle found its feet this winter and we've been cranking away on the highest quality flags in all the land. All US made, from pole to fabric to printing to sewing to packaging, we're proud to continue the legacy of fashionable and attention-gettingly-safe cyclery safety-bling. And just when you thought we couldn't make them any brighter, we've started carrying Cateye RapidX2 Lights that (OH SO CONVENIENTLY) attach directly onto a Purple Sky Flagpole! Did you see the reaction our flag guy had when he learned about the new lights?

Finally, I'm going to take a (perhaps ill-advised) moment and announce the new SPORT 23-Tooth Idler! Don't tell Pat I told you about it, but we're SO CLOSE to releasing them that I wanted to give y'all a sneak peak! Behold, the style, grace and power of a 100mm idler with (cost-saving) military-grade nylon sideplates and lightweight, yet durable (and economical) aluminum cog. Anyone who's purchased our Sport idlers before knows that though they're not as crazily overbuilt as the Elite 23-Tooth Idler, a Sport T-Cycle Idler still blows any competition out of the water.