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T-Newsletter #12, December 2013

T-Newsletter #12, December 2013

It's coooooooooooooooooooooold. But that doesn't stop us from riding to work five days a week to pump out premium products for the people we love (that's you). We've been working our frosty fingers to the bone because recumbent parts is our passion. Anyway, enough unneeded alliteration. What've we got for you? Well, we've got GIFT CERTIFICATES. Yes, that's right. They're made right here on our fancy, schmancy laser printer and signed using our fancy, schmancy pens. They're perfect for gift-giving because it lets your special someone know that your love is of a quality that only a product from T-Cycle could capture. Plus, it lets the bike nerd in your life choose her/his own parts, as only s/he knows what is exactly right. (An aside: We mean no hard feelings to bike nerds; the T-Cycle Team is a group of bike nerds and, while we respect a bike part as a gift, we'd much rather have the ability to pick it out ourselves—that's why we made the gift certificate.)

Sometimes when the heat in your shop isn't working quite right, you try to find activities to do near the heaters that DO work. That said, we've made a series of videos demonstrating the installation of some of our products and elucidating some of the features that may not be immediately apparent. Pat has a series in which he shows how to practically use a Windwrap WGX fairing with a OnePoint mount:

Pat also demonstrates, in under 30 seconds, how easy it is to put on and take off a Windwrap XT fairing:

Vying for a chance at fame in front of the camera, Mike Hernandez is working on his line of informational videos entitled "Growing Your Brain with Mike Hernandez." Here are the first couple:

Find these videos, and more, as well as any future videos at www.youtube.com/terracycleinc!  Stay warm and happy holidays!