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T-Newsletter #10, July 2013

T-Newsletter #10, July 2013

At T-Cycle, summer is a time for research and development. On these days we wait until a little after noon, when the sun is highest in the sky, and then we open the bay doors as far as they go and stare deeply into the sheets, bars, tubes and scraps of aluminum around the shop. We study the intricacies of the material and imagine what beautiful and practical applications lie within each individual piece. After some time of intense concentration, the glaring reflections send us into a delirium, where imagination is king and clamping mechanisms rule the land. Through this process of Rebrighticization (patent pending), we send our synapses on spectacular journeys of creation and discovery, and develop the cutting edge recumbent technologies that you've come to know and love. We're currently all at the optometrist, rectifying the horrible pains we've inflicted upon ourselves. But you can still reap the benefits with these brand new products from T-Cycle:


Astute recumbent riders will surely have noticed changes in new bikes coming out of the RANS Design, Inc. product line. Yes, that's right, oval frame tubes! "But T-Cycle, how am I going to attach your pannier-empowering Easy Reacher Underseat Rack to my bike now?" inquire RANS Fans worldwide. Well, fear not, for we are proud to introduce a brand new style of Easy Reacher Underseat Rack made specifically for the oval tubing of newer RANS bikes!


Just like the Ancient Mariner, many cyclists can find themselves with "water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink." Some loyal T-Cyclists have found solutions to this problem in our Dashboard Bars, but it's not fit for everyone. That's why we're rolling out brand new Adjustable Water Bottle Mounts! Incredibly versatile, this bottle mount can hold two different water bottle holders in a variety of heights and angles. Either fine tune your angle for perfect reaching capability, or lock in to one of three preset positions for ease and maximum staying power; then bolt your water bottle holders at a height that works best for you! The Adjustable Water Bottle Holder will make sure your bottle is never out of reach again!


Coming soon are some scrumptious treats. No words, no words, only some teasers for you now:





This summer, T-Cycle went walking with its good friend, a young bike from Kansas. T-Cycle put its calloused hand on the bike's shoulder and said: "Dear friend, there are so many parts I make that many people in the land claim I make everything, and yet, there are so many of you and your kind that travel without the assistance of my remedies and accessories. Every time that you order something I make, the postal workers want dollars to deliver it to you. I worry that this makes my parts harder to get." At this, the bike breathed a long, low sigh. "It's true, T-Cycle. The burden of shipping affects us greatly." Both the bike and T-Cycle watched the sun grow lower in the summer sky. And then, with a start, the bike looked to T-Cycle and said: "T-Cycle! The answer is simple! What if you pay all of the dollars to the postal workers through the month of August? That way my kind and I could receive your remedies without worry!" T-Cycle looked deep into the horizon: "You know, that just might work." Dusk descended and the landscaped was painted in amber rays of light. A small grin worked itself across T-Cycle's face. "That just might work, after all."

And so, for a short time back in the year 2013, T-Cycle offered free shipping to anyone who ordered from T-Cycle.com and it was a pretty sweet deal.

And, finally, here at T-Cycle, we like to end on a happy note. The following are some happy notes that you guys've sent in.