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Our Texan friend, Cletus Lee, gave us the idea that turned into the FastBack NorBack Frame Pack, and anyone who knows this crafty bag owes him big. The NorBack is not just a toolbox, it's a mini-pump pack, an arm warmer holder, a glove compartment, jacket storage, backpack replacer, and so much more. The exterior waterproof zipper design keeps things inside dry. The interior zippered pockets keep small items securely stashed. The grippy straps, inside and out, mean that your belongings and your NorBack are held firmly in place. Share a strap with the Flash Pack for even more storage space!


1. Will the straps fit around my bike?

Yes. The straps fit up to a 70mm or so tube. It easily fits on the largest main tubes we know of (Ti Aero, Carbon Aero, Carbent, M5, etc.), so it should fit whatever you have. The straps are long enough to wrap around the twin bottom tubes on things like the RANS V2 and Easy Racers Tour Easy as well.

2. How big is it?

The NorBack is 14 inches (35cm) long and big enough to take the Topeak Road Morph G pump.In addition to a pump, which is held up to the top of the inside of the bag by a big Velcro strap, there is plenty of room for a patch kit, tools, cell phone, granola bars, all sorts of things.

3. Is it waterproof?

The materials are waterproof and it has a waterproof zipper, so it is very water resistant. It isn't waterproof like a dry bag or anything, but will keep your things dry in all but the wettest conditions.

4. Are there any pockets?

There is one main pocket and two smaller inside zipper pockets.


  • Simply wrap the straps around your bike, pull tight, and seal the Velcro down. The straps have special grippy material on the inside.
  • This bag has been a consistent best seller over the years because it is so versatile and convenient. We have upgraded a few years ago with a waterproof zipper and larger zippers on the inside pockets.
  • The drivetrain side of the bag is made from heavy duty pack cloth with an extra abrasion resistant coating. The rest of the bag is made from heavy duty pack cloth. Both materials are waterproof. We don't advertise the bag as waterproof because waterproof a very high standard to meet. We just say it's very water resistant, which it is.
  • 14 inches (35mm) long, 5 inches (13cm) tall. There is one main pocket with a wide Velcro loop on the ceiling that is designed to hold a mini pump. There are two zipper pockets on the inside front. The top is reinforced with a removable stiffener to keep it in position on your bike.
  • Compatible with nearly any bike or trike.