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Specifically designed for Easy Racers bikes, the ultra-durable T-Cycle Easy Racers Easy Reacher Rack is custom made for your Tour Easy, Gold Rush, or Ti Rush. Much stronger than an ordinary rack, Easy Reacher racks are made with with anodized aluminum rack arms and lots of specially machined components. Mounting clamps are custom CNC machined for each bike's frame type. Thousands of these racks are in daily use around the world, touring and commuting and just helping out with everyday carrying. Once you see how beautiful these parts are you will appreciate the all USA made T-Cycle rack. No other rack system is anything like it. These are the racks Easy Racers sells and recommends.


1. Why underseat?

Rear racks have their place, but underseat racks really let you carry things. A rear rack is great for light things, or occasional use, but when you want to carry things on a regular basis, underseat is the way to go. With the weight low and centered, your bike's handling is not affected like is with a rear rack. When the amount of weight gets significant at all, the difference is very noticeable.

2. How much can I carry?

A lot. Our Easy Racers racks are rated 18lbs/side, but they can carry more. So, more than you are probably ever going to need to carry. We often go to pick up our stainless bolts on a Tour Easy, and sometimes it's more than we realized. We've carried more than 45lbs back on one side. It's good to know you've got capacity to spare if you ever need it!

3. What panniers can I use?

Any pannier with the hooks near the top. Due to the low seats on these bikes, keeping the pannier rail up close under the seat is the way to go.

4. How do they install?

We machine special clamps that attach behind the seat and across the lower tubes. The pannier rails plug into the ends of the clamps. We make different versions of the clamps if you have a unique bike like an S&S coupled Ti Rush, for example. Let us know your exact model when you order and we can provide the special parts you need.

5. Why don't you make one for the new single lower tube bikes?

We do! Note that it will work on any of the big bottom tube bikes, bit just the S&S coupled ones.


  • Recumbent riders all know that the best place to keep a pannier bag is under the seat. This position maintains your bike's stability and allows you to carry heavier loads with ease. Another big bonus: you have easier access to stuff you need. Our Easy Reacher Racks are legendary for their carrying capacity and year after year durability—for touring or commuting, on pavement or off. Expedition tough T-Cycle racks are sought out by knowledgeable recumbent riders everywhere. They have toured back and forth across many continents without incident. All USA made, high strength, lightweight aluminum, beautifully machined rack arms, lightweight tubular pannier rails, and stainless steel fittings.
  • While many models share the same rack configuration, some Easy Racers bikes have unique requirements. The main difference is in the lower tube(s), but there are some other differences.
  • The clamp that goes behind your seat has an extra tapped hole to make sure you have a place to attach your fender.
  • While the racks can carry heavy loads, we do recommend that you try to load them approximately evenly. For touring, we recommend putting your heaviest things in the underseat bags, and if you need to, put additional light things behind the seat. How you load your bags can affect ground clearance, so make sure nothing pooches out the bottom of your bag.
  • If you ever want to remove the rack for a time, it is easy to remove the pannier rails as a unit and leave the clamps on the frame.
  • Each of these racks is made for a specific type of Easy Racers bike. While many types share the same rack configuration, some of Easy Racers bikes have important  features unique to that model (lower tube differences, typically). Be sure to let us know the model you have when ordering. Note that these racks are not for the EZ-1 square tube type bikes or the carbon fiber bikes.