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Electric Assist is a great way to make tandeming way more fun. Hill climbing is a breeze and even really long rides are within range. How to carry the battery though? This mount solves that. It puts the battery right where you'd like it, down low and out of the way. It doesn't compete for space with anything else, and your bike's handling is unaffected. Sweet! While we designed this for the Screamer, we are aware there are other twin bottom tube bikes out there this versatile mount will probably fit. We just haven't had time to test them yet.


1. Where does this go?

On a Screamer, this mount is designed to go from just behind the idler mount to about 8 inches (20cm) ahead. A cutout in the plate wraps around the Screamer idler mount. But, since the plate has adjustment slots, it can be used other places.

2. How does it attach?

The plate attaches via six modified Cateye brand clamps. We use Cateye clamps for all sorts of things, and six is plenty to keep your battery super secure. Cateye clamps are great because they work really well, are super strong, and are available in a nice range of sizes.

3. Will my battery fit on it?

Almost certainly. If it's any sort of regular downtube type battery, yes. The top of the plate is generously sized and has lots of 5mm mounting holes, so it will bolt right on. If you have a brick type battery or are using a case of some kind, you'll be able to attach it without much trouble.


  1. Lay the plate on top of the twin bottom tubes where you think the battery should go. On a Screamer, this is usually right near the twin idler mount.
  2. Check that the on edge of each tube is within reach of the adjustment slots. As long as the edge of the tube is within a slot or no more than about 3/16 inch (5mm) beyond the end of a slot, the tube is within reach.
  3. Snap the Cateye clamps around the tubes so the aluminum bushings pressed into the clamps are facing up where the slots in the plate are. Make sure to slip the clamps under any cables. Line the clamps up with the slots in the plate, and start the bolts through the plate into the clamps.
  4. When the bolts are all started, slide the plate around to straighten it up and get it into final position. Tighten all the clamps.


  • Slots in the plate allow for forward/back and side to side adjustment as well has allowing use on bikes with different tube spacings and angles.
  • 25 mounting holes, in 3 rows, make attaching your battery easy. All are threaded m5, the standard battery mounting size.
  • Two battery standoffs with m5 flat head mounting bolts are provided. This is the most common downtube battery mounting arrangement.
  • Plate is made from black anodized 6061T6 Aluminum. Overall plate size is 8" x 3" (20 x 7.5cm). 25 m5 threaded battery mounting holes in 3 rows. Holes are multiples of the standard bottle boss spacing, so downtube batteries will bolt right on in your choice of places.
  • Fits all known RANS Screamer models. The mount is made with adjustment slots, so it will work on additional twin bottom tube bikes as well, we just haven't had the time to do the testing. We'll try to keep this entry up to date, but call or email us if you have any questions about fit on your bike.