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We love the Arkel bags, but the nice mounting clamps that come with them are designed for upright bike handlebars, so they extend the bag out quite a ways. When you use bags beside your seat, it's nice to have them in close, to make them easier to reach and to keep the bag within your wheel profile. These clamps bring your bag as close to the mounting tube on your SeatSide Mount as possible, so you can adjust the bag to where you really want it. A great way to make a nice bag really nice. Note that these clamps are sized for our SeatSide Mount system, which uses 7/8" (22.2mm) tubes. If you have a different system, it may use different sized tubes, so check first if you don't have one of our SeatSide Mounts.


  • They replace the stock Arkel clamps, allowing you to move your bag about 2.5 inches (6cm) closer to you. This is usually enough to get the outside of the bag even with the outside of your front wheel, or even closer. Very nice for getting through narrow spaces, and for making the bag even easier to reach into while riding.
  • CNC Machined aluminum, clear anodized. Spec'd to match the stock Arkel mounting clamps, except that they are as close in as possible and mount natively to a 7/8 in (22.2mm) tube (no shims required).
  • Since they are native 7/8in clamps, this means they slip on and work perfectly with the T-Cycle SeatSide Mount system, but won't work with the ICE side of seat mount, because the ICE mount is 1 inch.
  • Anodized aluminum with stainless m5 mounting bolts. Clamps to a 7/8in (22.2mm) round tube.
  • Slide clamps on mounting tube. Clip Arkel bag onto clamps to set the correct width between the clamps. Adjust the up/down angle of the bag and tighten one of the clamps. Carefully align the second clamp to make sure it is parallel to the first clamp, then tighten it also. Check that the bag can be easily removed and reinstalled. Double check the alignment of the two clamps by sighting along the arm of the SeatSide Mount to ensure both clamps are parallel to each other. Lay something flat against the back of the clamps if you are not sure. It should be easy to remove and install the bag if the clamps are parallel and the right distance apart.
  • Fits on any mount that uses 7/8" (22.2mm) tubes.