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The Stainless Steel Single Chain Keeper holds your chain in place on a Return or Power idler in an economical, durable and beautiful manner befitting the T-Cycle brand. This chain keeper isn't just a piece of bent metal, like you'll find elsewhere. The tough, abrasion resistant, quiet-if-rubbed nylon keeper arm is fully supported over its entire length by a 5mm stainless bolt, making it the toughest chain keeper in the business and the easiest to fix if it's ever damaged. With T-Cycle-brand overkill, this chain keeper is made to resist the most unpleasant of whacks. And when you're on tour far from home you'll appreciate being able to quickly straighten things out and get back on the road.


1. Is this the chainkeeper I need?

Quite possibly. These are our simplest chainkeepers. They are made for situations where they are clamped in place. If you are replacing a simple bent metal keeper, this is the one you want.

2. Why all the questions about idler bolts and hole size?

In typical T-Cycle fashion, we don't make one size fits all. We make exactly the size you need.

    • Hole Size: that's how big the mounting hole is. If it's going on an 8mm bolt, you need an 8mm mounting hole. Makes sense. We make these keepers in 3 sizes of mounting holes: 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm.
    • Idler Size: That's how big your idler is, which determines how long it needs to be to go from the mounting hole to the edge of your idler. We make these keepers for 3 sizes of idlers: 14T, or about 2.6in (65mm) diameter idlers, 15T, or about 2.75in (70mm) diameter idlers, and 23T, or about 4in (100mm) diameter idlers.
    • Idler Bolt Length: This relates to how long the black nylon keeper arm needs to be. We have four lengths of nylon arms to cover anything from a single idler with no float to two idlers that each float a fair amount.

3. What other chainkeepers do you make?

We also make stainless double sided chainkeepers, for over/under idlers, and Clamp On Chainkeepers, which have the very cool ability to simply clamp on the head of the idler bolt, making everything very easy as far as mounting and floating idlers goes.


  • These chainkeepers are designed to be simple, good looking, and stout. They are laser cut from heavy gage 304 stainless steel. The actual keeper arms are made from Molybdenum Disulfide impregnated Nylon, a super tough, super abrasion resistant plastic. Molybdenum Disulfide is a black colored lubricant often used to enhance greases. In this case, it makes the Nylon slipperier. The Nylon arm is drilled through for an m5 stainless bolt with a stainless NyLock nut on it. The stainless bolt reinforces the Nylon in case things get bashed, and the Nylock nut makes sure things don't come off until you decide to take them apart.
  • Made from 0.078in 304 Stainless steel, laser cut, hand deburred, then additionally tumble deburred. Nylon arm is special MDS impregnated material for abrasion resistance and low drag when the chain rubs it. These keepers are designed to be able to be bashed and bent back many times.
  • These keepers are designed to be clamped in place by a jam nut or by being squeezed by a spacer. Slide the keeper onto the idler bolt in the sequence needed and tighten things up most of the way. Adjust the keeper to the proper angle, then tighten things all the way.
  • If the keeper ever gets bashed and bent, you can bend usually simply things back by hand in the field. When you're back home, you can take the Nylon arm off and straighten things more carefully if you wish.
  • These chainkeepers come in a variety of mounting hole sizes, idler diameters, and keeper arm lengths to fit nearly any configuration. If you have something unusual and you're not sure if these are the right keepers, email or call us and we'll help you figure it out.