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Cockpit Mini T

31 reviews
SKU: ACM240.1

Ever wish you could mount a mirror off to the side of your handlebar? Ever wish you could put your computer right at the top of your handlebar? Ever wish you had a hand rest on the end of your handlebar? Well, sometimes wishes come true! This mini T-bar plugs in and clamps on to the end of your handlebar and lets you do all those things and more!

Big thanks to Ja Yoe for the videos. Visit JaYoe.com to keep up with his travels. Note that the wrist rest shown attached to our Mini-T in Matt's video is an HP Velotechnik item.


1. How does it work?

The vertical part of the T fits down inside the end of the handlebar. A clamp goes down over the end of the handlebar and holds them together.

2. Will it fit in my handlebar?

Almost certainly. Any handlebar that can take bar end shifters can take this mount.

3. What can I put on it?

All sorts of things- phones, computers, GPSs, mirrors, horns... or leave it free and use it as a hand rest or assist grip. It's quite useful. We don't recommend you put things like brakes and shifters on it though, it's made for being a rest and for mounting accessories.

4. Can I use it with my bar end shifters?

No, we have another mount for that, our Bar End Shifter Mounts. They use a special clamp with a tunnel for the bar end shifter cable. You can also use our Cockpit Mounts, they go almost anywhere and work with bar end shifters.


Cut off the end of the handlebar grip so 3/8 inch (10mm) of bare handlebar end is showing. This is fairly easily done if you wrap masking tape around the grip and cut along the line using a sharp knife.

Insert the short end of the T down into the handlebar. It needs to go in about 1.5 inches (38mm). Push the clamp down so it is seated on the top of the handlebar (sight through the hole in the clamp to see where the edge of the handlebar is). Align the T where you want it, and tighten both clamp bolts.

You can mount things inside the horizontal tube by removing the end caps.


  • Fits into any handlebar that can take bar end shifters (bars with 3/4 inch inside diameter, most bars are made this way). Double sided clamp grips the outside end of your handlebar and the vertical part of the T.
  • Diameter of the horizontal portion is 7/8 inch (22.2mm), the same as a standard handlebar, so all kinds of things can be attached. We do not recommend that you attach controls like shifters and brakes, however.
  • Note that if you have Bar End Shifters, the ends of your bars already have something in them. We have a different mount if so, our Bar End Shifter Mounts. They use a special clamp with a tunnel for the bar end shifter cable. You can also use our Cockpit Mounts, they go almost anywhere and work with bar end shifters.
  • 4 inches (100mm) wide and 3 inches (75mm) tall. Requires 1.5 inch (38mm) of insertion into the handlebar for a net height above the end of the handlebar of 1.5 inches (38mm). Requires 3/8 inch (10mm) of clear handlebar end to clamp onto. Made from black powder coated aluminum.
  • Fits any bike or trike with 7/8 inch outside diameter and 3/4 inch inside diameter handlebars (almost all underseat handlebars are made this way).
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Charles S.
United States United States

Cockpit mini T

Excellent quality. Perfect for mounting the display and light controller on our TerraTrike with vertical handles.

Gregory J.
United States United States

Perfectly designed!

I could have never make this myself but the 5" Cockpit Mini T but I could install easily. My trike build look so professional now. So happy with all the T-Cycle products I have on my trikes now. New T-Cycle chains, flags, Cockpit Mini T to mount computer & thumb throttle, Ice trike battery mount. Without EcoCycle's electric kits with plug together wire harnesses and T-Cycle and making these great specialty products I would never attempted to electrify my trike which has saved me so much money and made my wife and I so happy on our biking adventures.

T-Cycle Cockpit Mini T Review
Roger M.
United States United States

Excellent quality as always

It is well built but, unfortunately is the same diameter as the handle I'm trying to fit it to. With the included connector I will be able to make it work.

Darin M.
United States United States

Nice job

Love the quality. Nice product.

Timothy H.
United States United States

Works well!!!

Put it on my Catrike 559. My mirror was hidden behind my Bosch display. Adding this to the post my mirror was on raised it and moved it out over my tire. I can use the mirror now. Also have a place for a phone mount.