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Note: price is for one pair.

A pair of 90° Mounting Adapters allows you to bolt your Accessory Mount in brand new places and directions. Whether you want to attach your Accessory Mount directly to a pair of threaded holes on your bike, or need your Accessory Mount Clamps to attach at 90° angles, these adapters will exponentially increase your options. Comes with bolts to attach the adapters to the Accessory Mount.


1. What exactly do these things do?

They let you attach an Accessory Mount arm (or something else, if you wish) 90 degrees from the way you would ordinarily be able to mount it. Kind of like an L bracket, but with special features that let you do more.

2. What sort of special features?

The first feature is that one side (generally, the side you attach the Accessory Mount arm to) is  threaded for an m5 bolt. This makes it super easy to attach to it. The second feature is there is a machined ring around the top of the second bolt hole. If you are using a Cateye clamp to attach to a tube, this machined ring plugs into the boss on the Cateye clamp and makes the connection to the clamp very secure.

3. Where would I use them?

Usually, when you attach an Accessory Mount, you use a Cateye clamp, and the bolt through the arm also goes through the clamp. This winds up making the tube in the middle of the Accessory Mount where you actually attach things perpendicular to whatever tube on your bike you are attaching to. Often, this is what you want, so you don't need anything additional.

If you want to have the tube in the middle of the Accessory Mount where you actually attach things parallel to whatever tube on your bike you are attaching to (say, you want to attach the Accessory Mount to your handlebars, and have the Accessory Mount out in front with a light on it), then you need these adapters.

The other common place where they are used is to eliminate the use of the Cateye Clamps when you are attaching to places like bottle bosses. It makes a very clean setup that way.


  • Machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and black anodized.
  • One side is threaded m5, and the other side has an m5 clearance hole.
  • If you are using them with Cateye clamps, press the adapter into the Cateye clamp before installing it on your bike. Rotate the adapter into position and insert the bolt to tighten the clamp. When the Cateye bolt is loosely tightened, attach the Accessory Mount, then fine tune the alignment of the Cateye clamp and tighten the Cateye bolt.
  • Fits any bike or trike where you wish you could rotate the attachment points 90 degrees.