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T-Newsletter #7, April 2013

T-Newsletter #7, April 2013

Things are churning along at T-Cycle. The mill is hummin' and the flies are buzzin'! Here in the Pacific Northwest, the bright orb in the sky has people shopping for sandals that match their knit caps. If you haven't had a chance to get on your bike and out into the world, then what are you waiting for!? If you need a new idler for a smoother ride, some FastBack bags to keep yourself hydrated, or a Cargo Monster to take your picnic with you wherever you go, then you're on the right website!

In the shop, we've recently redone the design of our TailSoks. Pat's latest iteration will lower the price and make installation even easier. We're bringing back the T-Cycle TailSok Light Mounts that attach onto your TailSok to provide lighting either below or inside your TailSok for splendiforous illumination! The last step in the process was for Pat to find a sunny day that he could take a photoshoot and create an easy-to-use how-to!

And, as always, we love to hear from you guys! We know we're doing well when you guys let us know we're doing well! :D