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This is only the fairing, the mounting hardware is sold separately, or as part of our most popular duo, the WGX OnePoint Fairing Kit.

With the speedy aerodynamics and weatherproofing durability that carry all Windwrap fairings, the popular WGX Trike/Bike Fairing is the most transformative upgrade available for your trike or short wheelbase bike. This fairing wraps from under the front wheel up to over your knees. Shaped with space around the crank for your feet to move comfortably without being bulky or allowing the weather to creep in, the WGX Trike/Bike Fairing is also silent enough to sneak up on people! We also offer the narrower GX for people looking to replace their narrow bubble. Available tinting adds flair to your ride and keeps out the sun.


1. Will the WGX Fairing fit my trike?

Yes. If it's a tadpole trike, you will use the OnePoint mount. The OnePoint mount is extremely versatile, and we haven't found a tadpole trike it won't fit. If you have a Delta trike, like a Hase or Anura, you'll use a different mount, the Remote Steer.

2. What about tinted fairings?

Some people say they feel cooler under a tinted fairing. Others just say they are cooler looking. We haven't measured the solar radiation shading provided by the tinting, so we can't make any claims for it. We think it does provide some shading effect. The cooler looking thing is very personal, it depends on the look you want.

3. How much faster will I be?

That depends very much on what the fairing is attached to and how it is set up, so there's no ready answer. Some people get marked improvements, and some find they can't tell. Some find they don't notice much of an effect until they're going into a headwind.

4. How much will it keep the wind and rain off me?

Your feet and lower legs will be well protected. Your upper legs and torso will get some protection, depending on the weather and how you have things adjusted. In general, you will be a lot drier, and in the winter, a lot more comfortable.

5. How easy is it to get it in my car?

The fairing itself removes in about 30 seconds. You can then roll it up into a much smaller package. We make fleece covers for this, with drawstrings and elastic edges, but you can use a blanket or a large towel as well. The upper part of all our WGX mounts fold forward, which may be all that's needed. The upper T part also telescopes. It's held in place with a clamp collar, so it's easily remove. The OnePoint lower stinger sticks out in front of the cranks, so your bike/trike will be longer with it on. It is also held in place with a collar clamp, so it can be removed or telescoped in as needed. Most people find the most they have to do is one or the other of these.

6. Can I attach things to the mount, like lights, computers, and GPSs?

Yes. We sell mounts for lights outside the fairing, and you can attach things to the vertical or horizontal tubes of the mount. We recommend lights outside the fairing, as it doesn't affect the beam pattern, and doesn't reflect back at you at night. Some people do it, and like it, but it's not what we would recommend. The ends of the upper T part of the mount is a great place for mirrors. If you need a way to mount something, say a GPS, to the fairing mount, our Accessory Mounts are very good for that.

7. How long does a fairing last?

A long time. We make our fairings from Lexan brand polycarbonate. Lexan is super tough and can take a lot of abuse. Things like cracking are not a problem. It does scuff, but we include a polish kit to help you keep it looking new.


  • The WGX fairing is blown from 0.060in (1.5mm) Lexan. The blown shape is about 30% larger in area than the original sheet, so the finished fairing is about 0.040in (1mm) thick. While a 0.040in Lexan sheet is pretty flexible, the compound 3D shape of the blown fairing makes it more rigid. Depending on how it is adjusted, the fairing can be very stiff or somewhat flexible. When removed, the fairing can be rolled up and it will pop back out to it's real shape when you unroll it.
  • We use rubber vibration isolation plugs on all of our mounts. These special plugs both isolate the fairing from road vibrations, and attach the fairing to the mount. They are operated with a nylon thumbscrew, no tools are required.
  • To get the best aerodynamics and weather protection, plan on taking some time to experiment with positioning and adjustment. If you use our mounts, adjustments and tweaks are pretty easy. 
  • Tilt Forward feature for easy in/out is now standard on all mounts used with the WGX.
  • In keeping with T-Cycle's insane quest for adjustability, you can set both forward and back stops wherever you'd like them.
  • The super smooth folding friction is also adjustable, so everything feels "just right" when you get on or off your bike or trike. 
  • We make several variations mounts depending on the make and model of bike/trike that you have. For instance, on most bikes, we provide a longer upper mast, because the seat to BB position is higher on most bikes. For Delta trikes and remote steered bikes, the Remote Steer option provides a different front mount that holds the fairing out in front of your feet.
  • On most bikes and trikes, this mount attaches to both the top and bottom of the main tube about 8-12 inches (20-30cm) behind the cranks.
  • As mentioned in the FAQ, we provide a mini fairing polish kit with every fairing. You can purchase larger polish kits from us, or similar kits from most auto parts stores. Auto headlight covers are made from Lexan for toughness and optical quality reasons. The buff/polish kits made for headlights will work nicely on your fairing.
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 20.75in (52.7cm)
    • Height (Typical Adjust): 22in (56cm)
    • Depth (Curve Depth): 7.5in (19cm)
    • Length: 42in (107cm)
      • Dimensions vary a bit depending on how you have the fairing mounted and adjusted.
  • The fairing is blown from Lexan brand premium polycarbonate.
  • The WGX fairing fits a wide variety of bikes and trikes- every tadpole trike, and most bikes with the cranks ahead of the front wheel.
  • The mount you use will strongly affect how well the fairing works. We recommend our OnePoint mount, designed for these fairings and to fit nearly any bike or trike.

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