Color: Black/Silver

TailSoks are the lightest, most cost effective streamlining you can do for your bike—not to mention the tremendous visibility jump. Our TailSoks are shaped to fit all known mesh seats. The bottom is T-Cycle exclusive black Illuminite. Looks black in the daytime, lights up reflective big time at night. Be seen, be fast—go socked!


1. Will this fit on my bike?

Yes, the size and shape have been designed to fit nearly every bike. Also, Lycra is incredibly stretchy and with a little adjustment, you will be able to get things looking nice.

2. I have a bag on my rear rack. How do I get to things inside the sock?

The sock has an opening on the top. When the sock is tensioned on your bike, the opening pulls closed to smooth the airflow. If you reach through it, it opens up and you can get at things on a rack top bag. If you have side panniers, it's easy enough to unhook one side of the sock, lift it up, and access your bag that way.

3. Do you offer any other colors?

Unfortunately, no. We tried that, and it was too difficult to stock all the different things that people wanted. So we decided to stock the two most popular colors. If you want, you can custom order a sock from the people that make ours, Free Form Fashions in Santa Cruz, CA. The black Illuminite is something only we can do, but Melanie at Free Form has all kinds of other things. A perennial favorite has been the red, white and blue stars and stripes TailSok. Sadly, the white stars on the blue background pattern is impossible to get anymore. That was one of our most popular socks.

4. Do you make narrow socks for narrow seats?

For the best aerodynamics, it's important to have the sock come out to near body width. While it's entirely possible to make a narrow sock, we don't for that reason.


  • Putting the sock on and taking it off are very simple. First, hold the sock by the top of the mesh panel. Bunch the top of the sock a bit, pulling up the panel and gathering some of the top of the color panels into your hands. Guide the sock onto the support frame until the tip of the frame snuggles into the pocket in the sock. Keeping a light grip on the sock, pull it forward and over the front of the seat. Snug the mesh panel down to the seat and snap the elastic cord around the front of the seat. Next. reach down and pull the lower tabs down onto the clips near the dropouts. Smooth out any wrinkles, and you're ready to ride. Actually installing the sock probably takes less time than it took to read these instructions. Removing the sock is the reverse of installation.
  • Lycra is very durable, but it requires a little care in washing. While you can wash your TailSok in a washer, we recommend hand washing with a mild detergent, like Woolite, then drip drying. Lycra doesn't hold water and it dries quickly. The one thing you don't want to do is to dry your sock in the dryer. It will survive, but the stretchiness will be reduced if you do it very many times.


  • Streamlining on the front of your bike is an obvious way to improve aerodynamics, but as it turns out, streamlining the back is nearly as important. The turbulence coming off the back of your body is all wasted effort. Streamlining it with a TailSok is very easy and will commonly get you another gear higher for the same effort.
  • Made from two way stretch Lycra top and bottom. The upper color panels have a slot in the top so you can access your racktop bag hidden away under your sock. The lower black panels are actually black Illuminite—they look black in the day, but turn into giant reflector panels at night.
  • The front of the sock is breathable mesh. There is an elastic cord to hold the sock down to the front of your seat, and two reinforced tabs at the bottom where the sock is pulled down to the dropouts. The tip end is double reinforced. A white light inside the sock creates a very attention getting display.
  • This sock is designed to be compatible with nearly any seat and nearly any bike. Possible exceptions would be lowracers with very reclined seats. This sock is not designed for trikes, as they require a considerably different setup.
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