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The classic RANS Screamer kickstand mount and kickstand are back! When Jerrell Nichols took over at RANS, he asked us if we would like to make and sell some of the more unusual parts for them. One of them was the Screamer Kickstand Mount. So, here it is- machined by T-Cycle from the original RANS drawings. The super tough Delrin and Nylon blacks are machined to mate precisely to the lower frame tubes and spread the load from the kickstand. The kickstand is a Swiss made Esge double, the nicest double stand out there.


1. What is this?

This is the classic RANS Screamer Kickstand Mount, along with a very nice kickstand. We are making and selling the mounts for RANS now.

2. Can I use it with another kickstand?

Yes, any standard kickstand will fit. We offer the Esge stand because they are somewhat hard to find and they are what most people want to use.


The lower tubes are slightly tapered. Position the plates on the lower tubes where the plates fit best. You can adjust them forward and back a bit to dial in exactly where you'd like the kickstand to be. Insert the kickstand into the slot on the bottom plate and insert the bolt from the top. Tighten the bolt firmly, but don't overdo it. Test that the kickstand goes up and down properly.

One of the easiest ways to adjust a kickstand is to use three blocks that are all the same height. Pieces of 2x4 work well. Put one block under each wheel so the kickstand doesn't reach the ground. Hold the bike at the angle you'd like it to be when on the kickstand. Slide the third block next to the kickstand and mark the kickstand 1/2 to 3/4 inch (12 to 19mm) below the top of the block (if a double legged stand) or even with the top of the block (if a single legged stand). Trim the kickstand accordingly.


  • Mounting plates machined from Nylon and Delrin. The kickstand is a Swiss made Esge double legged stand, considered to be the best double legged stand out there.
  • Made from the original RANS drawings, these are identical to the originals except the recess for the bolt has been changed to accept the new hex head style bolts Esge is now using.
  • Fits on RANS Screamer tandems with twin lower tubes.