FastBack Aero Cage Bracket


The FastBack Aero Cage Bracket was originally the idea of one Californian madman named Jon Dietch. He kindly allowed us to develop it and here you go: an alloy bracket that you can attach to the seat plate of your Bacchetta Aero and use as a water bottle holder. It holds the bottle under the left side of the seat where it's really handy. Unfortunately, it can't be used on the drive side because of chain interference. But we're sure you'll love it, anyway.


  • Locate a clear spot on your left side seat rail that will place your bottle where you can reach it while riding but not so far forward that you'd bump your leg on it when you put your foot down to stop.
  • Bolt the bracket there. It can angle forward or back, and be on the top or the bottom of the seat rail, your preference.
  • Attach your bottle cage. We recommend a good quality cage that can handle a bottle hanging underneath.
  • Ride on and enjoy the easy access!
  • Machined from 1/8" thick 6061T6 aluminum
  • Black anodized
  • 4 button head stainless bolts and 4 Nylock nuts included
  • One side of the bracket has bolt holes that match the hole spacing on the Aero seat rail. The other side of the bracket has holes that match a standard water bottle cage. Included stainless button head bolts and Nylock nuts hold everything together.
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