Accessory Mount Clamps (Pair)

SKU: ACH030.2

Note: price is for one pair.

When you buy an Accessory Mount or Flag Mount, you get a pair of these very handy Cateye clamps. They are super useful in lots of other places as well. We use them in some of our Fairing Mounts, our Long Wheelbase Light Mounts, and even on some of the equipment around the shop! Get different sized pair for your already super-adaptable Accessory Mount and give it an extra dose of ultra-adaptability, or create your own uses! Seven different sized clamps fit just about any bike. Adjusting shims included to get the exact fit. The stainless steel socket head cap screw maximizes durability and strength, while the smooth, black super tough nylon makes them an inconspicuous and sleek addition to any cycle. Accessory Mounts allow for crazy clever configurations, so if your clamps need to be different sizes, make a note of it on your order.


1. What are these, anyway?

They are Cateye brand plastic mounting clamps, modified in a handy way for use with attaching our Accessory Mounts.

2. How do I know what size I need?

You need to measure the outer diameter of the tube at the point at which you want to clamp. Then, choose the size of clamp that covers the size of your tube. You fine tune the fit of the clamp by trimming the length of the provided shim (the shim isn't needed for paint protection, it's purpose is to adjust the fit).

3. You sell them in pairs, right?

Yes, this price is for a pair. If you are doing something creative that involves attaching to two DIFFERENT sized tubes, we can manage that. Just make note of this on your order.

4. Can I use them on tubes that aren't round?

Yes, as long as they are not too far off round. An oval of about 2:3 is about the max you can do.


  • These clamps are modified Cateye brand clamps. Cateye clamps are the best plastic band clamps made. We've made them even more useful by pressing in an anodized aluminum spacer and replacing the attachment screw with a stainless steel bolt.
  • The clamps come in 1/8 inch increments from 1/2 inch to 1-1/4 inch. Order the size that covers the size of tube you have.
  • Cateye brand nylon band mounting clamps with trimmable adjusting shim. Modified by adding a spacer to move the attachment point out and provide a firm base for attaching things like Accessory Mounts. We replace the black steel screw provided by Cateye with a stainless allen head bolt so you can use regular bike tools (and not have to worry about rust).
  • Compatible with all bikes and trikes with round or nearly round tubes in the range of 1/2 inch (12mm) to 1-3/8 inch (35mm).

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Michael A.
United States United States
Perfect for my MTB bars

worked great with the Drj0n G-Funk Handlebar Strap Deck on steel bars

Lee Z.
United States United States
Worked GREAT

Got these to replace the ones I had ordered with Multi-purpose mount that were 1-1/4”. For New-To-Me trike needed. 1-1/8” clamps. Guess what. Worked like a champ!

A T-Cycle Customer
John L.
Canada Canada
Excellent Clamps

Well machined, very durable and corrosion-free material. Perfectly designed to hold the T-Cycle flag mounts. Thank you!

David C.
United States United States
Accessory Mount Clamps

I've used a bunch of these clamps in various sizes on several bikes. The clamps are useful for mounting smaller items on handlebars, stems, masts, and seat struts. I've used them for mirror mounts, computer mounts, tail light mounts, and even water bottle mounts. These particular clamps were bought for mounting alligator clips on a handlebar for holding cue sheets. They work great!

T-Cycle Accessory Mount Clamps (Pair) ReviewT-Cycle Accessory Mount Clamps (Pair) ReviewT-Cycle Accessory Mount Clamps (Pair) Review

Hi David! Thanks for the review. We love when people are excited as we are about these very simple, but very useful clamps. Happy pedaling!

1 Inch Accessory Mount Clamps

The 1" clamps do not come with a shim. I assume the 1-1/4" with a shim would fit a 1 inch tube. The packing enclosure shows a 1 inch shim as '1" SP-5, No Shim'. 1-1/8" and 7/8" also are No Shim, as shown on the packing enclosure . Otherwise, high-quality items as usual from T-Cycle. FYI, when ordering.


Hey Mike, The clamps that we are are CatEye clamps that we modify for use with our various products. They cover ranges of sizes depending on how much of the shim you use. The clamp used for 1in tubing is the SP-5, which covers from 1in to 1.07in (25.4mm to 27.2mm). The clamp used for 1-1/4in is the SP-8, which covers from 1.22in to 1.36in (31mm to 34.5mm). The clamp used for 1-1/8in tubing is SP-6, which covers from 1.04in to 1.20in (26.5mm to 30.5mm).