WINTR Fairing Kit

Welcome to the ultimate in protection from the elements: the WINTR Fairing Kit. WINTR stands for Weather-Inhibiting 'N Travel Ready. When the shelter provided by a time-tested Windwrap fairing combines with the easy to install and easy to transfer mounting hardware from T-Cycle, you have a system meticulously designed to keep you on the road no matter what the weather is doing. Utilizing the power of T-Cycle's exquisite CNC machining, the mounting hardware is stronger and simpler to use than ever before.

WINTR Fairing Kit

'N Travel Ready

Say goodbye to the hardware store-style hose clamps of the old OnePoint Mount, and hello to the re-engineered elegance and convenience of the WINTR Mount.  The mount features our heavy duty frame clamps, allowing for easy installation and quick removal for storage or transportation.  With the removal of two fasteners, you're ready to lift the mount off and fold your trike up for a spontaneous ride on your favorite trails.  Recumbents are becoming more and more refined and it's about time that a fairing mount rises to the occasion and becomes more stylish as well.


Take a Closer Look...

Check out our fun yet comprehensive video that walks you through installation and adjustment of the WINTR Fairing Kit.  You'll see for yourself why the WINTR Mount was voted Bent Rider Online's 2018 Accessory of the Year.